The Husband Pillow Offers Relief from Back Pain

by Cybergineer Solutions מרץ 02, 2021

Back pains are severe conditions caused by several factors. They can be caused by poor sitting or sleeping posture or straining your back with heavy objects. Either way, a permanent solution is necessary to eliminate the pain. A back support pillow is one way to help relieve back pain. The husband pillow makes one of the best back support pillows for those dealing with chronic, intermittent, or acute back pain. Read further to understand how this backrest pillow with arms help relieve back pain. 

When Do I Need a Back Support Pillow?

Usually, after major back pain treatments, one is required to relax and take a rest. At this point, a backrest pillow is recommended to assist with recovery and proper body alignment.

Signs and symptoms that point to back pains and the need to get a back support cushion include: 

  • Normal muscle aches
  • Stabbing/ shooting pains

Back pain can worsen, especially when walking, standing, bending, or lifting. To minimize this pain, you should consider sitting back or reclining using a comfortable back pillow. 

If your back pain persists for more than a couple of weeks, consider seeking medical attention. A husband pillow can be a source of relief. 

What Types of Back Pain Does the Husband Pillow Help Reduce?

Acute pain 

Acute pain can be caused by a fall or heavy lifting. It can also be caused due to over-exertion. Fortunately, it is temporary, and as such, you should take appropriate measures to help in recovery. Bad posture while working can reignite the pain. Therefore, using a husband pillow can help align your posture and aid in recovery.

Chronic pain 

Chronic pain tends to last more than three months. The symptoms are easy to determine depending on personal deductions or doctors' suggestions. However, most doctors recommend back support pillows during chronic back pain recovery. 

Whether you are reading, watching TV, or recovering in bed, using a pillow for back pain is a good strategy. 

A husband pillow helps improve posture while sleeping, allowing you to rest while eliminating your back pain. 

Why the Husband Pillow is the Best Pain Relief Pillow

The Husband Pillow is the best choice if you prefer not to be surrounded by bulky pillows. The Husband pillow is the ideal choice if you need pillows for your back pain. It is also suitable if you need a more comfortable and supportive pillow to help you sit up in bed while choosing to recline the back or not.

The pillow is bigger than conventional bed rest sleeping pillows. It is 31 inches tall providing your upper body the desired comfort whether you are sitting down briefly or longer.

The husband pillow has a neck bolster that is easily adjustable under your lower back, knees, or feet. They are easy to adapt, making them the ideal comfort source in any position for those suffering back pains.

Another feature that helps relieve back pains includes shredded, soft memory foam that won't clump. It has an easily accessible inner-shell zip where you can add or remove memory foam to match the desired firmness. 

The pillow's design gives users more comfort while recovering from back pains. This backrest pillow with arms allows you to rest your arms easily if you are sitting down. Back pains can extend to your legs and arms. The Husband Pillow is designed with two armrests to stretch and relax your arms.

Depending on your back pain levels, you may need warm or cool cushioning to help with the recovery. The Husband Pillow has a breathable shredded memory foam special blend filling that does not condense. It promotes airflow to reduce the heat retained by the pillow, thus keeping it cooler. Cool temperatures can help relieve back pains, especially if your pains are accompanied by excessive heat.

The siliconized fiberfill in the Husband Pillow helps to nurture a healthy spine. It also cushions your pressure points to eliminate pain and hinder new ones from forming. This enhanced spinal alignment also reduces the chances of back pains.

Fortunately, the Husband Pillow is portable for home or dorm use. You can rest your back on this back support pillow wherever you are and whatever activity you are indulging in. 

What to do When You Have Excessive Back Pain

Severe back pain issues are best addressed by medical experts with training and experience. Basic tips can help you manage some pain from home. Proper posture is recommended, especially if you are sitting down for more extended periods. Avoid overworking your body if you experience back pains. 

Medical experts recommend a good back support pillow that will keep your back aligned and your arms well-rested. A husband pillow features dual arms that keep your entire body in position while in recovery. This pillow is huge enough to support your full back. 


The Husband pillow offers comfort for those with back pains. Its premium style and quality of the material will enhance your decor. A back support pillow is necessary to allow your body to rest and recover from chronic or acute back pains. It is not enough to seek medical attention. Proper self-care using proper tools helps to speed up the recovery process. 

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