Need To Sit Up In Bed, The Husband Pillow Has You Covered

by Cybergineer Solutions March 04, 2021

Many people have the habit of sitting up in bed. It's comfortable, it allows you to relax while watching T.V., reading a book, or even while catching up with work before going to sleep. Sometimes, when you first arrange your pillows and sit up for your activities you feel comfortable and relaxed, but as time passes, your pillows stop feeling as fluffy, you feel less comfortable, and find yourself in need of changing positions and rearranging your pillows. This can go on for hours until you decide to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

Moreover, there are times where you simply can't get comfortable. Whether it is because you have a lumpy pillow or because your lower back and your hips keep getting numb, it becomes pretty hard to relax. On the other hand, sitting up in bed leaning on thin, stiff, or lumpy pillows every once in a while can be harmless, but when you do it regularly it can be bad for your back.

The solution to these problems is simple: the Husband Pillow will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of sitting in bed without ever again having to rearrange your pillows and change positions to feel comfortable. Plus, your bed will always be stylish.

Let's talk more about all the benefits of having a Husband Pillow, why you need to get one, and why it's the best reading pillow out there.

Ergonomically Designed

Ergonomics is everything in any product that's made to interact with the human body. This science-based discipline ensures that products are comfortable and convenient for all users.

The husband pillow is designed to help our customers read and enjoy their favorite seated activities while maintaining good posture. This way we can help you prevent future back pain or chronic problems caused by a bad seating posture. The form, size, materials, pockets, and all the little details of the reading pillow are thoughtfully designed to improve the quality of life for our customers.

With thisbed chair pillow, you'll be seated with your neck, your spine, hips, and even your knees and feet perfectly aligned. You'll be improving your posture without even trying. Your back and your hips will be forever grateful.

Provides Ongoing Support

Due to the ergonomic shape of thereading pillow, and because it's made out of memory foam, it provides the back support that you need to avoid any posture impact, but also to make you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. You will no longer have to change positions or stretch your back every five minutes to feel good.

Thanks to the properties of the memory foam, you won't ever feel another lump on your pillow and you'll be able to sit in a comfortable position for as long as you need. This is because memory foam helps distribute your weight evenly on the pillow and you won't feel more pressure on certain areas of your back (which is what usually happens with regular lumpy or thin pillows).

You can use the Husband Pillow in bed, on the floor, on the couch, and you'll be able to comfortably enjoy your activities for an extended period of time. 

Easy To Clean

Sometimes when acquiring home products like pillows, we don't think about how we are going to clean them, until we spill something. Our reading pillow covers are machine washable. They are made out of soft but sturdy materials that will keep the memory foam and the interior part of the pillow clean.


Although thebed chair pillows are designed for everyone to feel comfortable, there's nothing like having a product adjusted exactly for you, your body, and your needs. At Pillowy, we want our customers to feel happy and satisfied with even the tiniest little details of the product.

For this reason, all of our bed chair pillows come with an adjustable loft. Now, you're probably wondering what this means. This feature allows the users to access the pillow's fill so that you can remove or add material to have a thinner or a thicker pillow. With this feature, you'll be able to add or remove memory foam if you feel as though the pillow is too plump.

Another customizable feature of our reading pillows is the detachable neck roll. It serves as an extra bolster that can be adjusted or removed to make your head and your neck feel more supported. You can forget about that stiff sensation that you get on your neck and your shoulders after sitting or lying down for long periods.

Aesthetic and Functional

The best part about the Husband Pillow is that it will not only provide you quality and comfort, but it will also serve as a decorative piece for your bed or a couch. It isn't the typical reading pillow that you store in your closet and only use occasionally. Whether you use it on the bed or for your couch, the shape of the pillow creates inviting and cozy vibes. You just need to choose the color that best suits your room's aesthetics and it'll be the perfect addition. 

What better reasons to purchase your own bed chair pillow? It's a high-quality product that we guarantee will last you for a long time. Once you have yours, you (and your back) won't be able to imagine your nights without it.


Cybergineer Solutions
Cybergineer Solutions