How a Bed Rest Pillow With Arms Can Provide You Comfort?

by Cybergineer Solutions אוקטובר 12, 2020

If you have been advised bed rest by your doctor or even if your mobility has been reducing due to some chronic illness, bed rest pillows featuring arms are ideal for enjoying excellent comfort. You can also use the bed rest pillow to curl up and read your favorite novel for days or hours, as it offers exceptional support to your body. It consists of plush and soft cushions that provide you with comfort whether you are lying down or sitting up. 

Bed rest pillow is similar to standard pillows and offers additional utility in the form of armrests as well as high back. This helps you to lounge and sit comfortably in your bed for longer durations, without experiencing any discomfort or pain. 

These pillows are both soft and supportive and allow you to watch your favorite TV shows while in the bed. Alternatively, you can surf the internet on your tablet, laptop, or even phone without experiencing any inconvenience. Remember, when it comes to enjoying conversations with your near and dear ones, it is always better that you sit up. A good quality bed rest pillow adjusts as per your body while encouraging you to get into the right posture every time you sit or sleep on your bed. Some of the best quality bed rest pillows feature detachable bolsters for knee and neck support, as well as pockets for storing essential items quickly. 

Bed Rest Pillow-Design & More

When it comes to purchasing a high-quality bed rest pillow, you must take its design, outer cover as well as the material used for filling into consideration. Apart from this, you must also look for additional features such as storage pockets and oversized dimensions. Unlike, the usual pillows that offer flat support to your head, while on the sofa or bed, the bed rest pillows sit up, and balance themselves with 2 protruding arms. These arms help to keep the pillows supportive and stable. Many bed rest pillows offer attachment for your neck that can be conveniently utilized under your knees. Apart from this, they also come with back or arm pockets that allow you to store your favorite items. People can consider using larger, taller pillows as their size and weight offer excellent support for their bodies while resting. 

As far as the pillow's exterior and interior is concerned, the cheap ones are made using a solid foam piece, making it difficult for them to utilize for longer durations. They are usually covered in abrasive and sticky fabrics that can cause a lot of discomforts. However, the other bed rest pillows utilize synthetic that restricts and condenses airflow that can cause sweating as well as other inappropriate sensations even when you are simply looking to take rest or relax. But, a good quality bed rest pillow uses microfiber velour covers and not the polyester or any other inferior materials. Typically, they are stuffed with plenty of memory foams that are shredded and do not bunch, bind, and restrict the flow of air. As a result, such pillows are much comfortable and cool. 

What Happens in Bed Rest?

If you have been advised to take bed rest, either due to an ailment or accident, then you will have to stay in bed for many weeks or days, depending upon your condition. Bed rest is also advised to senior or sick members of the family such as those who have been affected by a viral infection, cold, or other life-threatening diseases. Such individuals can consider using the best bed rest pillows for complete rest and recovery. 

Back in the 19th century, bed rest was recommended to patients who were severely ill or were suffering from mental and physical health conditions. Today, however, medical experts have come to understand the implications of reducing movements and exertions entirely. They, instead encourage people to indulge in simple activities, depending upon their medical condition, and also take adequate rest when needed. Nevertheless, bed rest is ideal for anyone who has suffered a major injury or needs time to recuperate after contracting a cold or virus. 

When Should You Get a Bed Rest Pillow?

As already mentioned above, it is important to get out of bed and perform a couple of activities after injury or major health complications. It helps you to lead an active and healthy lifestyle, but one cannot overlook the importance of bed rest.  However, if your injury or health condition isn't permitting any kind of movement, then probably bed rest is ideal for you. Thus, if you are suffering from back injuries, joint problems, acute, chronic, and intermittent pain, then you will have to take complete rest either for weeks or days. Apart from this, slipped discs, as well as other problems of the joints, can also restrict you to your bed for a longer duration. People who suffer from strains sprains as well as minor injuries also require sufficient bed rest to heal quickly. 

In addition to this, stroke, heart disease as well as other cardiovascular problems can also keep your loved one or you in bed even when you have been discharged from the hospital. When at home, your recovery period could extend well over months or weeks, depending upon your age as well as your health condition. Given such circumstances, the best place to relax and feel comfortable is your bed. 

Besides, some types of cancer treatments and cancers can rob your body of all the energy to an extent where you may find it difficult to get out of the bed. In such situations, bed rest is what you will need to recuperate and minimize all the exertion, to regain your lost strength and recover quickly.  

How Can You Take Advantage of the Bed Rest Pillow Featuring Arms?

Unlike, the normal pillows, bed rest pillows featuring arms are ideal for reading and sitting up. You can also use them to watch your favorite TV show or while playing games and relaxing in your bed or couch. Since they are both portable and supportive, you can carry the bed rest sofa almost anywhere such as your sofa, bed, or couch. No matter how and where you wish to use the pillow, you'll get all the support you require to relieve the pain and recover at a greater speed.

A Bed rest pillow featuring an easy to detach bolster is ideal for providing adequate support to your posterior as well as the back. It also offers support to your head and neck, which means you will get a lot of scope to lounge and rest throughout the day. These easy to detach pillows also make an excellent choice for people suffering from severe back pain as they can be placed in the right position. Apart from this, they are also tailor-made to keep your feet or knees in an elevated position after injury and other medical problems. 

A good number of bed rest pillows also feature easy to use handles which make it easier to transport them. This allows you to grab the pillow with one hand as well as hold your book or coffee in another. Handy pockets can also be used for keeping your tablet, phone, TV remote, or simply hold a magazine or daily planner. Besides, when one of your family members gets to use the pillow, you will have no other option but to bring home plenty of these comfortable and plush pillows, unless of course, you are in the mood to share it with others. 

Aside from the above-mentioned benefits, bed rest pillow featuring arms are also ideal for gifting to nursing mothers as well as gamers who require the right amount of support as well as excellent positioning to get through the day without experiencing any discomfort. 

A good quality bed rest pillow is not only stable and sturdy but also offers tremendous support to your upper body. Also, bed rest pillows that are oversized, offer support to your neck and head, while allowing you to relax in bed. Thus, you can use the bed rest pillow during reading, lounging, resting as well as sleeping and enjoy great comfort as well as support. 

Why Husband Pillow is the Best Bed Rest Pillow?

As far as the Husband Pillow is concerned, it is the finest and best quality bed rest pillow that comes with arms that offer great support. Available in a variety of colors as well as stuffed with shredded and soft memory foam which can be easily adjusted to your required firmness and fit, Husband Pillows offers the best support. These pillows are 31-inches tall which only implies that you will get outstanding support every time you choose to use it. 

Its neck bolster (optional), offers complete support from your hind to head as well as the pockets are perfect for holding your items such as books, phone, tablet, and even laptop. 

A Husband Pillow is very soft and comes with washable and reversible microfiber velour and suede leather skin. The pillow also features a zipper which helps you to put extra memory foam as and when required. Alternatively, you can also remove excess foam to ensure that the pillow provides you with much-needed support and comfort. The memory foam, as well as the optional silicone-based fiber filling, helps you to nurture your spine and safeguard your back against injuries. Besides, if you ever feel that you need more of these pillows, then feel free to connect with us and we will get you the best bed rest memory foam stuffing at no additional cost. 

In case you are sensitive to sweat and heat, then be rest assured that the pillow's shredded and breathable memory foam will neither bunch up nor condense. Thanks to ergonomic design, the pillow helps to relieve the pressure on the spine, lower back, and hips. Apart from this, the Husband Pillow also promotes blood circulation and relieves pain as well as numbness in the lower back, particularly during pregnancy or in cases where an individual is suffering from sciatica, tailbone injuries, and herniated discs. 

Besides, with our free delivery and lifetime warranty as well as easy returns, you will have nothing to worry about. Try using our bed rest pillow featuring arms and you will never have anything to complain about. However, if you are not satisfied with the pillow and in case you may want to return it and get your refund, then we assure you that we will refund the entire amount. We let you use the pillow for 100 days and if you still feel that it isn't meant for you, or in case it is not helping you to alleviate pain, then you can return the same and no questions will be ever asked. 

We also offer a 3-year warranty, which means you can expect years of great support and comfort with the Husband Pillow (  So why wait? Place your order right away and enjoy free delivery as well as return apart from the best warranty in the business!

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