A Fabulous Faux Fur Best Rest Pillow Gives Every Home a Little Glam

by Cybergineer Solutions gennaio 21, 2021

You don’t need to win the lottery or find a genie’s lamp to put a little glam in your life. We’ve got an idea that doesn’t require any help from luck or magic. Our Faux Fur Husband pillow transforms a room from everyday ordinary to super spectacular. 

Nothing is more luxurious than fur. But if you love nature the way we do, the real thing is not an option. The good news is now you can enjoy the gorgeous look and feel of fur while respecting the animals that add such beauty and grace to our environment. The natural ivory, smoke, ebony, and chocolate tones of fur complement every décor. Whether you’re going for rustic chic or urban contemporary, our faux fur bed rest pillow makes it happen. Snuggle back and watch the city skyline twinkle from your high-rise bedroom or relax by a crackling fire at your cottage. Fur makes every setting warm and welcoming.     

This pillow is truly a showstopper. Friends and family will be envious when they see you lounging, watching TV, or reading with your new furry friend. Choose from snow leopard, chinchilla, mink, ermine, and a variety of other fluffy faux options. We think that faux fur is the perfect partner for our big, cozy Husband Pillow. 

Luxuriously Practical

The Faux Fur Husband Pillow offers two distinctive styles. One side is shaggy and fun and the other silky and sophisticated. It’s so easy to switch moods. Just unzip the cover, reverse sides and you’ve instantly changed the look of your extra-large Husband Pillow. The Faux Fur Line is equipped with all the amenities of the Traditional and Aspen Editions. You’ll enjoy generous side and back pockets to hold remote, phone, glasses, and snacks, a convenient handle for easy transport, and a hidden zipper that allows you to customize the firmness of your pillow by adding or removing memory foam fill.

When you purchase faux fur, you protect nature's beauty.

Faux fur looks and feels almost exactly like the real thing. But it’s actually more durable. In addition to its luxurious appearance, faux fur boasts some features that make it extremely practical. The fabric is made from acrylic and modacrylic polymers. It’s lightweight, resilient, and resists damage from sunlight, heat, mildew, and insects.

A Decorator’s Dream

Faux fur adds an element of excitement and fun to home design. But, in case you’re feeling a little shy about decorating with fur, here are some hints to help you maximize our pillow’s great style. 

Eye Candy for a Simple Space 

Using a textured fabric like faux fur adds interest and warmth to an ordinary room. A back rest pillow can easily become the focal point of any design scheme. Rooms that are more sparsely furnished and decorated are ideal candidates for faux fur’s opulent touch. Consider highlighting contrasting textures. Place your pillow on bedding or furniture with a smooth surface or resting against a wood or leather headboard.

Less Is More   

There really can be too much of a good thing. Don’t make your cozy reading pillow compete with a faux fur rug, throw, or ottoman. Let your pillow make a statement as the bold centerpiece of the room. If you’ve fallen in love with this look, and you absolutely must have more faux fur in your life, purchase two of our petite-sized pillows to place at the head of the bed. Or consider adding pillows to other rooms in your house. 

Guys love faux fur too. Give hubby’s man cave a touch of class or thrill your teen with a snuggly pillow with arms that is perfect for gaming, hangouts, and facetime. If you have a home office, a Faux Fur Husband Pillow can provide a relaxing spot to take your coffee break.

A Fabric for All Seasons

Faux fur doesn’t need to disappear when you put out the patio furniture; although for a more year-round look, we recommend lighter shades. Cream, beige, and misty tones work well in every season and pair with a variety of color palettes. Plus, paler colors also reflect light and brighten a dark room. 

Designed to Be Touched

If you’re willing to share your pillow, or if you’ve purchased pillows for multiple rooms, be sure to place them where others can enjoy the texture of this amazing fabric. A family room where kids or guests gather to have snacks or watch TV might be a perfect spot. But this gorgeous pillow is just as comfortable in a more formal setting. People are attracted to soft textures and surfaces, so don’t be surprised if the room with the pillow becomes the most popular hangout in the house.

Don’t hesitate to enjoy your bed rest pillow to the max. Read, watch TV, nap, chat on the phone, hold the baby, or just be in your zone. The fabric is designed for use and crafted to withstand the test of time. This pillow cover won’t snag, frizz, or pill. Everyone is amazed that this beautiful material could also be so sturdy. Because we know how much people love our pillows, we source materials and products that will provide the lasting beauty and the years of comfort our customers expect.

Perfect for a Reading, TV, or Gaming Nook

Use the Faux Fur Husband Pillow to create a cozy nook in a larger room. Positioning your reading pillow by the fireplace or TV makes an inviting space for reading, gaming, or watching favorite movies and shows. Grab a page-turner and your beverage of choice, and press the pause button on stress. Life just snapped back into balance. There’s something about faux fur that makes every day a little more luxe.

Love Animals, Nurture Yourself, and Protect the Earth 

Be a steward of the planet

A bed rest pillow is a nurturing, self-indulgence. And, even better, when you promote the beauty of faux fur, you also protect the natural world and preserve the environment for future generations. So, go ahead, treat yourself. Be a steward of the planet and enjoy the fluffiest, most snuggly pillow ever. 

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