Wife Pillow: A Comprehensive Review from Real Customers

by Jason Berke מאי 29, 2024

wife pillow reviews

When it comes to sleep accessories, one of the most critical items is the selection of the perfect pillow. A good pillow is indispensable for a good night’s sleep. Indeed, especially for those who prefer to sleep on their side, the lack of proper support can turn a pleasant night’s rest into an experience fraught with discomfort and pain.

Wife pillow is one of such accessories, and it appears to receive worthy reviews. This article explores several of these reviews to establish the reasons for which the pillow garnered such positive acclaim and examine how it changed the sleep experiences of various users.

The Wife Pillow: An Overview

The Wife Pillow has been intelligently created for side sleepers to incorporate a unique design which offers an optimal spinal alignment; and exceptional comfort. Its unique construction includes high quality bamboo wife pillow which is combined with cooling shredded memory foam providing the cooler comfort for exceptional comfort.

Moreover, this construction reduces the pressure over critical areas, such as wrists, shoulders, and hips, which is particularly beneficial for those experiencing pain in these zones. The Wife Pillow also supports natural curves of the neck and spine thus preventing the usual discomfort caused by traditional pillows that do not offer sufficient support.

Such an ergonomic design can be beneficial for side sleepers in multiple ways and allow them to enjoy their undisturbed sleep. Another advantage is that this pillow is quite large and can be an excellent solution for those who prefer comprehensive support.

Customer Reviews: Real-Life Experiences

Now it’s time to know more about the real-life experience and first hand experience of the customers for the wife pillows. Keep reading for more information.

No More “dead” Arm

One of the most persuasive customer reviews of the Wife Pillow is the one left by the user, speaking about her husband’s experience with the pillow and highlighting the vast improvement in his quality of sleep.

On May 22, 2024, the user wrote:

"My husband loves how his arm no longer falls asleep while he is sleeping. We had to also purchase the cooling pillowcase, even though we purchased the cooling shredded memory foam he still felt hot at night. The pillow is very large, I wish there was a smaller version available for traveling."

It has to do with a very common problem with many side sleepers, which is waking up paramoned due to lack of support. The Wife Pillow resolves this problem by providing better support that evenly spreads out the weight and reduces the pressure on the arm. It is also noted that the relatively large size of the pillow is essential for its effectiveness, and it should be mentioned that perhaps, a travel-sized version of it may also be in demand.

In general, this testimonial proves that the Wife Pillow can vastly improve the quality of sleep by eliminating some of the most uncomfortable sides of side sleeping.

Relief for Side Sleepers

A review dated February 29, 2024, provides an emotional account of a user who does not usually write reviews, but having a positive experience with the Wife Pillow, wanted to share their impression with others.

The user writes:

"I am normally not one to write a review, but I feel the need to do one for the Wife Pillow. I am a side sleeper who constantly has shoulder pain throughout the night making it very difficult to sleep. I was researching body pillows to see what was available and came across this product. I saw it had good reviews and people even mentioned how it helped with their shoulder pain. I decided to purchase the Wife Pillow and after a few days of using it, my shoulder pain started to subside and after a few weeks it was basically gone. The Wife Pillow is the real deal. I would highly recommend it for anyone who sleeps on their sides."

The user’s statement that the Wife Pillow “helps to alleviate the shoulder pain even for a side sleeper” is particularly valuable, as it is one of the stronger sides of the product. Even though persistent pain was a reason why the user decided to purchase the pillow, they also state that the pain began subsiding in a couple of days and almost disappeared in three or four weeks.

They recommend the Wife Pillow to “other side sleepers” providing sufficient support on how well the pillow is designed.

Cooling Comfort

Another review from a satisfied customer is focused on the Wife Pillow’s cooling features, which are essential for people who are warm sleepers.

On May 22, 2024, the user shared:

"This pillow's bamboo and cooling memory foam combination creates a blissful sleeping experience. It stays cool throughout the night, ensuring a restful and refreshing sleep. Highly recommended!"

The author points out that maintaining the body’s optimal temperature is critical for good sleep, and the Wife Pillow does a great job of providing a cooler sleeping surface.

The combination of bamboo fabric and a cooling, shredded memory foam insert allows the pillow to remain pleasantly cool all night, providing an excellent benefit for people who often wake up sweating or people who simply prefer a cooler surface. The author used the wife pillow for several nights that were described as “blissful” and confirmed that the pillow always felt cool, providing an undisturbed and refreshing night’s sleep.

Perfect For Travel

Traveling often disrupts sleep, including due to the pillows one has to use. The review published on May 9, 2024, is related to this, even though the main point made is that a travel-sized wife pillow is required.

The user wrote:

"I purchased it for my husband. He usually sleeps on his side with his head on his arm. This results in his arm hurting and feeling 'dead' in the morning. This pillow has fixed that! He travels a lot, so now we need a travel-sized pillow because when he comes home he complains that the hotel pillows result in his arm falling asleep."

The topic of the review is the impact on the husband, who had a dead arm as a result of the traditional pillow’s insufficient support. The wife's pillow did not have this effect and rescued the husband. The conclusion is that the producible has a gap in the product line: the company should start manufacturing travel-sized wife pillows. This might be useful because, in reality, people do have to stay in uncomfortable places and sleep badly. A smaller pillow is also much easier to carry around.

Better Sleep

The first and most convincing review I found was that of a user who, inexplicably, used all capital letters to tell the world about the quality of sleep they had with Wife Pillow.

On February 27, 2024, they wrote:

"This pillow is amazing! I am a stomach side sleeper and my arm has not gone to sleep since I received the pillow. I am finding that I now sleep on both sides instead of just one. I have never spent this much money on a pillow and I do not regret one penny. Give yourself a few days to really figure out what is comfortable."

According to the user, they have been sleeping on their stomach for the majority of their life, which causes some numbness in the arms. However, after they started to use the Wife Pillow for arm numbness, the problem quickly went away. They also mention that the pillow allowed them to switch from one side to the other, which probably means that the Wife Pillow provides an appropriate balance between firmness and softness, unlike many of its competitors. Finally, the user notes that they were initially worried about the price but ultimately found that it was more than justified by the benefits of the product.

The Good Parts: What Customers Love

Based on the reviews, a few features of the Wife Pillow appear to stand out. Most notably:

  • Arm and Shoulder Support: The design of the pillow relieves the pressure off the arms and shoulders, which prevents numbness and pain in those areas. It is especially useful for side sleepers, who frequently experience discomfort in these body parts.
  • Cooling Properties: The pillow does not heat up throughout the night due to the combination of bamboo fabric and cooling shredded memory foam. It seems that the customers who are accustomed to overheating at night appreciate this feature more than others.
  • Pain Relief: Equally, the effect of the pillow seems to increase over time, and there have been multiple cases in the reviews where individuals stated that the Wife Pillow helped them reduce the pain in the shoulder or neck.
  • Comfort and Quality: Generally, users like the feel of the materials and the sewing of the Wife Pillow. The long-term use does not seem to decrease the durability of the product, and that has been mentioned a couple of times in the more positive reviews.
  • Size: While the size of the pillow is one of its selling points at home, some users mention wanting a travel-sized one. While this characteristic is not exactly a positive aspect of the pillow, such feedback means that the size of the product works well in the majority of cases.


On the whole, the Wife Pillow receives mostly positive reviews from its customers, which can only serve as additional validation for its well-thought design and quality materials. Given that the specialization of the pillow helps side sleepers with their shoulder pain and “dead” arm syndrome, it appears to work as intended. Particularly hot sleepers seem to value the absence of heat retention feature the most.

Jason Berke
Jason Berke