The Husband Pillow Celebrates Graduation with Style

by Cybergineer Solutions פברואר 21, 2021

We’ve all heard the saying “The best gifts come in small packages.” Well, that’s definitely not true. Our Husband Pillow needs a really big box. And, if you signed the card, you’ll be rewarded with smiles that are even bigger.  

Whether your graduate is off to high school, college, or a new career, a Husband Pillow is a perfect accessory to accompany that special person on their journey. Our humongous reading pillow is a unique gift that has it all. It’s fun, practical, and oh so wantable. 

Here are some reasons why graduates of every stripe will use this gift day after day, along with a few words of encouragement to pass on to each special honoree. 

Every High Schoolers Best Study-Buddy

High school is an exciting time. But so much is new. Friends, teachers, an unfamiliar schedule, and more challenging classes can make getting into the swing of things a little scary. Plus, there’s all that extra homework. That’s where the gift of a cozy backrest pillow with arms can really make a difference. Hitting the books is a lot more fun with a study-buddy that is incredibly soft, comfortable, and supportive.  

We create every Husband Pillow to be exceptional. But if you want to give a teenager a truly eye-popping gift consider our faux fur line. These shaggy/chic reading pillows make any high schooler’s room seem like a celebrity hangout. The glam covers are reversible from downy soft on one side to silky sleek on the other. 

And, when the homework’s done, our big pillows with arms are perfect for watching TV, texting the gang, playing a favorite video game, or just taking a quiet snooze. What’s even better are the roomy side and back pockets for stashing the energy bars and water needed to get through the last chapter of that history assignment.   

Words of Encouragement for the New Freshman

Because good wishes are as important as good gifts, here are a few heartfelt words of advice to send along with yours:

  • Be your best self. Don’t change what you believe in your heart to meet the expectations of others, no matter who they are.
  • Be kind. This is both harder and more important than it sounds. But no one ever regrets an act of kindness or gratitude.
  • Be involved. School will be more rewarding and more fun if you participate with enthusiasm. This is where you will make memories and friends that last a lifetime.
Make sure your college student doesn't have to study like this.

A College Student’s Hug Away From Home

Let’s face it, most dorm rooms could use a dose of cheerful. Our Husband Pillow is like a big hug designed to cure any case of homesick blues. Young adults who are living away for the first time will appreciate the gift of a bedding accessory that will give their new digs personality and pizzazz. 

Reading pillows with arms make studying in small spaces a breeze. A Husband Pillow placed at the head of the bed gives outstanding back, neck, shoulder, and arm support.  The shredded memory foam fill is supple and cozy yet also provides a firm enough surface to prevent muscle strain and fatigue. Husband Pillows feature a hidden zipper that allows users to add or remove fill to create the loft that suits their body type and activity. Plus, the plush cover comes in 16 vibrant colors designed to match any decorating scheme. Choose from chocolate, tan, or maroon for the guy graduates on your list and Carolina blue, lavender, or petal pink for the girls. Or go neutral with navy, purple, black, or red. If your graduate is the adventurous type, our Aspen style might be a great bet. The plush microfiber cover reverses to soft microsuede for a look that changes as easily as moods.

Words of Encouragement for the College Bound

Kids on the way to college are eager to figure the world out for themselves. But every freshman can use a little confidence-boosting from the voice of experience. Here are some well wishes for newbies to dorm living.

  • Be your own parent and take care of yourself. Maintain all the good habits you learned at home. Eat the veggies, go to the gym and hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.
  • Be adventurous. Study subjects you know nothing about. Sign up for sports you’ve never tried. Don’t be afraid to look silly. Everyone has a learning curve. Get to know people whose culture and backgrounds are different from yours.
  • Be in touch. Your parents are happy about your new independence. But remember they miss you. Share your adventures, successes, and disappointments.

A Laid-Back Addition to the New Professional’s Busy Lifestyle  

There’s finding the apartment, getting a roommate, learning to cook—or not, landing that first big job, and maybe even getting a dog. New college graduates are among the busiest people around. When they stop running and spend an hour or two with a favorite TV show, a Husband Pillow is a gift that will help them enjoy the downtime. Our backrest pillow with arms is designed to provide maximum comfort, even for those with minimum minutes to spend in its cozy confines.    

We bet the Husband Pillow will be around long after the Papasan chair is gone.

Whether you choose the Faux Fur, Aspen, or the Traditional style, this pillow will be a beloved addition to any new home. Best of all, the convenient handle makes our reading pillow perfect for a mobile lifestyle. When moving day comes, as it inevitably does for new professionals, this comfy companion is ready to pick up and go. We bet this is one piece of furniture your favorite graduate will own long after the Papasan chair and the lava lamp bite the dust.   

Words of Encouragement for the New Professional

At the threshold of adulthood, there is both exhilaration and uncertainty. Send your graduate off with some strategies for success.

  • Be a student of life. Learning doesn’t end when school is over. You are just starting to gather the knowledge that will help you seize opportunities and navigate challenges.
  • Be a networker. Nothing can support you as effectively as the people you know. Seek out colleagues and mentors whose advice you admire and respect.
  • Be positive. Say yes as often as possible. Yes, opens doors to surprising and wonderful adventures.

Whether you gift a high schooler, college student, or young adult, the Husband Pillow will be a bright spot on any horizon. Put a bow on that big box and make great surprises happen. 


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