A Complete Guide to Find the Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

by Jason Berke יוני 13, 2024

Best Pillow For Side Sleepers

There are moments when it seems like everything is in the way of achieving those deep, restful Zs while you're attempting to get a decent night's sleep. You get the idea—noisy neighbors, lovely yet raucous bird melodies, feeling too hot or too chilly. But physical pain is one of the main things that keeps people from sleeping.

If you've given up on being a back or side sleeper, using armhole pillows for side sleepers might be the next step in improving your quality of sleep. Arm openings on side-sleeper pillows allow you to choose the ideal sleeping position. During sleep, these pillows help you avoid shoulder aches. They come with other important advantages, such as keeping your arms from sleeping during the night.

This article will explain why side sleepers need a certain kind of pillow, provide advice on how to choose the best one and showcase some of the best options available.

What Is a Pillow Arm Hole?

Arm-pocket pillows are just what they sound like: they include an arm pocket that lets your arm lay naturally and securely underneath you as you sleep. Why is the arm portion scooped out? By making room for your arm to rest, you relieve pressure on your shoulder, arm, wrist, and hand. This helps to get rid of the physical side effects of side sleeping, such as shoulder pain and numbness.

Is It Safe to Sleep on Your Arm?

A lifetime Goldilocks difficulty might be experienced while attempting to find your optimum sleep posture. Those who sleep on their backs often have louder snores. In general, stomach sleepers have less snoring but place greater strain on their muscles and limbs, which may cause tingling, aches, and pains.

However, side sleeping might be ideal. This sleeping posture has several advantages that may exceed the disadvantages. Additionally, a pillow for side sleepers with an armhole will help ease some of these discomfort locations if you get one.

Why Is a Particular Kind of Pillow Needed for Side Sleepers?

Pillows are subject to special requirements from side sleepers. A side sleeper's neck and head need support to keep their spine in a neutral position, in contrast to back or stomach sleepers. Thus, too high or low pillows often result in excruciating neck pain, stiffness, and discomfort. A cushion that typically supports the natural curvature of the neck and fills the area between the ear & shoulder is necessary for side sleepers. One of the best options for such instances is a backrest bed lounger that you can buy to get relief from back pain.

Furthermore, pressure points on the hips and shoulders are a common occurrence for certain side sleepers. A decent side sleeper pillow should support the head and neck to reduce strain on these points and encourage deeper, more peaceful sleep.

Buyer Guide for the Best Pillows With Arm Holes

Since we sleep for about one-third of our lives, it's a wise investment to discover the ideal pillow for your particular sleeping position! Choosing the perfect specialty cushion might be stressful since there are hundreds to select from. To assist our side sleepers in selecting the ideal armhole pillow for their requirements, we've put up a buyer's guide and a list of some of our most often-asked concerns.

Things to Look in a Pillow for Arm Numbness for Side Sleepers

Make sure to prioritize the following product qualities when looking for the perfect bamboo wife pillow with an armhole:

  • A side panel or arm pocket that provides arm support
  • Supportive structure with contours for the neck and shoulders
  • A pillow with a symmetrical horseshoe shape that allows for both left and right side sleeping
  • Greater density of the back cushion for bed, which leaves room between your head and arm
  • Height-adjustable for personalized comfort

To choose the pillow that's ideal for your body type, bed size, lifestyle, and overall preferences—as well as your sleeping posture—you may also want to consider the following factors.

Size:Your body type and bed size should be taken into account while selecting the ideal armhole pillow for your needs. The last thing you want to be interfering with your sleep is a pillow that is either too small or too big. Our shoulder relief pillow is a one-size-fits-all type, unlike other armhole pillows that come in many sizes.

Ergonomic Design:The ideal pillow should provide your head with just the proper amount of support; providing too little or too much might result in neck pain and other unpleasant issues. When you purchase the wife pillow Amazon, make sure the shape and density of the pillow will support your sleeping position. If the produced version falls short of your expectations, examine whether the pillow density may be changed to better meet your requirements.

Materials: In addition to ergonomics and pillow size, you should think about the materials used. Memory foam is often a good choice since it breathes well and bounces back under pressure.

User Experience: Ease of use should always be considered while investing, such as purchasing the finest side sleeper pillow with an arm hole. Your new pillow shouldn't be difficult to use; it should feel natural and cozy! It is advisable to inquire with the maker and reviewers about the duration required for the pillow to "break in."


Many side sleepers report experiencing significant increases in comfort and quality of sleep by using a pillow made specifically for their sleeping position. Consumer complaints about headaches, neck pain, and discomfort tend to decrease, with customers complimenting the pillows they choose for their support. This implies that for side sleepers, choosing the appropriate pillow is essential to ensuring restful sleep and wakefulness. A side sleeper may choose wisely by taking into account aspects like shape, material, hardness, loft, and possible allergies. 

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Jason Berke
Jason Berke