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Deluxe Comfort

Three Chamber Goose Down Bed Pillow (36" x 20") King - 100% Cotton 400 Thread-Count - Innovative Three-Chamber Design - The Ultimate in Sleep Comfort - Premium Grey Goose Down - Bed Pillow, White

Three Chamber Goose Down Bed Pillow, 100% Cotton, White

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    Product Descrption

    If you have stayed in an upscale hotel at any point, then chances are you have experienced the exquisite luxury of the white goose chamber hotel pillow; upper-end goose pillows that shine both in their beauty as well as their sublime, unbelievable softness.

    Well now you can bring the comfort home, in the form of three-chamber down pillows!

    This signature down feather pillow collection contains a plush trio of down bed pillows worthy of the best beds, but perfectly at home in your guest or master bedroom. Resplendent in its pure ivory ebullience, this exquisite white goose down pillow collection bespeaks both elegance and radiance as it greatly enhances your bedroom decor. These are very simply the best decorative pillows for bed.

    Yet as chic and stylish as this down chamber pillow is, it never skimps on comfort or quality. Each pillow in this collection is actually a dual pillow; boasting both an inner pillow brimming with small feathers to ensure excellent head support, along with a whisper-soft outer pillow of down that guarantees your ultimate and infinite comfort.

    Topping this dream pillow is a pure cotton case; a preshrunk 100% cotton that is sure to cradle your head and neck to most delightful effect. The variety of sublime relaxation that you generally experience on vacations, you now can enjoy every evening and in the privacy of your own home.

    And now this classic goose feather pillow has been imbued with intense therapeutic value as well, consisting of AllerRest fabric specifically woven and lab tested for this special goose pillow; one that proves an effective barrier against allergens and dust mites.

    Deluxe Comfort takes great pride in its three-chamber down pillows. This upscale triple chamber down and feather pillow collection will heal you, relax you, and make you feel just a bit more stylish to boot.

    Product Info

    • Size:  King
    • Height:  5
    • Length:  20
    • Width:  36
    • Weight:  1
    • UPC:  885536000379
    • Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
    • Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
    • retail price:  $77.99 $54.95
    • SKU:  DDA-FU-King

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