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Hit Notion

Compact Elliptical Fitness Machine Stand Up / Sit Down - Portable Mini Stepper Exercise Anywhere Any Time

Compact Elliptical Fitness Machine Stand Up / Sit Down - Portable Mini Stepper Exercise Anywhere Any Time

Compact Elliptical Fitness Machine Stand Up / Sit Down - Portable Mini Stepper Exercise Anywhere Any Time

  • GET YOUR STEPS IN: Even when you can’t get to the gym the Stand Up Elliptical lets you get those steps in. This is a completely portable piece of exercise equipment that makes it easy to get the workout you need to stay healthy.
  • STURDY, SMOOTH AND QUIET: This stepper is light enough to carry but sturdy enough to provide the stable platform you need for a good workout. Don’t worry about disturbing family members or roommates. The mini stepper is smooth and quiet.
  • A FULL BODY WORKOUT: Grab some hand weights, or not, and get a full body aerobic workout right in your own living room. What could be more convenient? Follow your progress on the digital readout. Adjust the resistance as you grow stronger.
  • PERFECT FOR PEOPLE WITH LIMITED MOBILITY: If you have a chronic condition that limits your mobility, the mini stepper is a great way to increase blood circulation and keep yourself in shape. Get a gentle aerobic workout without fear of injury.
  • 100 DAY GUARANTEE - 4 YEAR WARRANTY: Superior craftsmanship means that the Stand Up Elliptical Machine is designed to last and give you years of use. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a refund within the first 100 days of purchase.

Our Brand:

Hit Notion provides the highest quality merchandise and unparalleled service. Every item we sell comes to you backed by decades of experience in the marketplace and product development. We are committed to keeping each customer healthy and satisfied.

Takes the Effort Out of Exercise

There’s no need to pack a gym bag, get in the car, find a locker or fight for equipment. When you own our Stand Up Elliptical Machine, your workout is waiting for you whenever you are ready. Easily get the exercise you need to stay in tone and maintain good circulation. This little machine makes a big impact. Adjust the resistance as you grow stronger. Check your progress with digital readout and move your stepper to any room in the house.

Be Kind to Your Joints

The Stand Up Elliptical machine delivers a low-impact, calorie-burning workout that’s easy on feet, knees and hips. This mini version of the most popular machine at the gym is easy to store in a closet or under a desk. It’s a cost-effective alternative to a full-sized machine that’s perfect for seniors, or anyone who wants to stay fit with a gentle form of aerobic exercise.

Hate to Exercise. Turn on Your Tunes and Step Up to Fitness

Even exercise haters enjoy using the Stand Up Elliptical machine. You’ll be surprised how pleasant stepping to your favorite playlist can be when it’s so easy. It’s fun to use the digital readout to monitor your progress and increase the resistance as your body adjusts to each exercise level. If you don’t feel comfortable standing, you can use the mini elliptical while you are seated and still enjoy movement that improves circulation and general health. When you use the mini stepper, you’ll discover that life is better when it includes a little motion, and exercise is the best when it’s so easy. Get started on the path to fitness today. This is one purchase you won’t regret.

Product Info

  • Height:  12.6
  • Length:  21
  • Width:  13.9
  • Weight:  29.2
  • UPC:  885535143558
  • Brand:  Hit Notion
  • Manufacturer:  Hit Notion
  • retail price:  $199.99

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