Deluxe Comfort
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Deluxe Comfort

L-Shaped Body Pillow - Prenatal Pregnancy Pillow - Side Sleeper - Superior Comfort - Body Pillow, White, (SSPL-001-01)

L-Shaped Body Pillow - Prenatal Pregnancy Pillow - Side Sleeper, Superior, White

  • BEST L-SHAPED PILLOW: Boasting flawless craftsmanship and endless cushiony comfort, Deluxe Comfort's L Side-Sleeper pillow offers the optimum sleeping experience
  • IDEAL PILLOW FOR SLEEPING COMFORT: A true sleep-for-success pillow, this L shaped pillow is custom-designed to support the entire body. Both reliably durable and whisper-soft, this rivals a Z memory foam pillow in its relaxing and rejuvenating full-bodied luxury
  • PERFECT THERAPEUTIC PILLOW: The unique shape of this luxurious L-pillow creates an ideal sleeping experience for the expectant mom, whose head, neck, baby bump, back, and other parts will be eased and coddled by this ache-reducing sleep support pillow
  • SUPERLATIVE SIDE-SLEEPER PILLOW: This side-sleeper body pillow will suit anyone who favors sleeping in this popular, but not always comfortable, position. In the fashion of a memory foam side-sleeper, this L body pillow moves with and supports the body of anyone who likes to sleep on their side
  • GUARANTEED SIDE-SLEEPER PILLOW: We guarantee the superior structure and infinite luxuriance of the L side-sleeper pillow. If you have questions, comments or complaints about this extra firm pillow, contact us

Pregnancy is a very special time in a woman's life...a time of joy and hope, excitement and anticipation, aches and pains unfortunately, it's true.

Throughout the course of that long and involved nine-month period, your body will change in ways that may cause acute fatigue and considerable discomfort. During this delicate and demanding time, you need a side-sleeper pillow, firm in its construction, but whisper-soft and gentle. Deluxe Comfort delivers in the form of the L Side-Sleeper Pillow.

The ultimate therapeutic pillow for that special time in a woman's life, this L-shaped sleep aid the Z-pillow, the V-shaped pillow and other elongated pillow example of those extra-firm bed pillows that offer full body support. This pillow will cushion and stabilize your baby bump and other changing and growing body parts, also serving if needed as a side-sleeper shoulder pillow, a between-the-legs pillow, a therapeutic back pillow (as back and spine problems are common during this time), or a leg-support pillow. Like a full-body memory foam pillow or a sleep number memory foam, this firm side-sleeper pillow will help and heal you as you sleep; alleviating your stress and easing all aches and pains. And like the snoozer full-body pillow, you can continue to use this pillow after the baby's birth, to facilitate both breastfeeding and bottlefeeding.

This also ranks as a top-quality side-sleeper pillow. Its shape is in fact ideal for those that favor this common but not always comfortable sleep position. These lengthy and infinitely comforting side sleeper pillows come with lovely ivory pillow cases that are custom-fitted for the L-pillow, fitting comfortably without slipping or sliding.

Comfort is another cornerstone of this lush equivalent of a memory foam side-sleeper pillow. Sink into the softness as your body relishes that exquisite sensation of complete, head-to-toe relaxation.

For the ultimate in lush luxury, try our L Side-Sleeper Pillow from Deluxe Comfort!

Product Info

  • Height:  19
  • Length:  19
  • Width:  19
  • Weight:  3
  • UPC:  885535390334
  • Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
  • Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
  • retail price:  $63.99 $44.95
  • SKU:  SSPL-001-01

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