On Bed Rest? A Bed Rest Pillow With Arms Can Improve Your Comfort

par Vita Brown juillet 06, 2020

Bed Rest Pillow with Arms

If you spend a lot of your time in bed, whether it's by doctor's orders or you have limited mobility or another type of chronic disorder -- or even if you just like curling up with your favorite book for hours and days on end -- a bed rest pillow with arms is crucial for your continued comfort. By supporting your entire body with soft and plush cushions that are comfortable whether you're sitting up or lying down, a bed rest pillow takes the idea of a standard pillow and extends its utility by adding useful features such as armrests and a high back, which enables you to sit comfortably in bed for longer periods of time without pain and discomfort.

Soft but supportive, a bed rest pillow with arms is great for sitting up while in bed, so you can watch TV or surf the net on your phone, tablet or laptop without the inconvenience of always lying down. After all, when you're able to sit up, it's much easier to join in on conversations, play your favorite game, or get sucked into your favorite book, television show, or movie. In fact, a good bed rest pillow molds to your body and encourages better posture and health while in and out of bed, and the best of them even come with detachable bolsters for neck or knee support, and pockets for quick storage of essential things.

Anatomy of a Bed Rest Pillow

The secret to a good bed rest pillow is the design, outer covering and type of fill material, as well as any extras like storage pockets or oversized dimensions. Unlike typical pillows that provide flat support for your head on a bed or sofa, a bed rest pillow sits up, literally, and balances itself with two protruding "arms" that help keep the pillow stable and supportive. Some bed rest pillows come with an attachment for the neck, which can also be used under the knees, and pockets on the arms or back for storage, and taller, larger pillows are typically more desirable as their weight and size helps them better support your body while you rest.

Bed Rest Pillow with Arms Features | Husband Pillow

As for the pillow's interior and exterior, cheap bed rest pillows are often shaped from a solid piece of foam, making them hard and uncomfortable to use for extended periods, and they're likely covered in sticky or abrasive fabrics that can degrade comfort. Still other bed rest pillows use synthetics that condense and restrict airflow, which can encourage sweat and other uncomfortable sensations when all you want to do is relax and rest. On the other hand, the best bed rest pillows opt for microfiber velour covers instead of polyester or other cheap materials, and they're typically stuffed with shredded memory foam that doesn't bunch, bind or restrict airflow, which can make for a much cooler and comfortable pillow.

What is bed rest?

Unless you've had an accident or ailment that required a prolonged stay in bed to recover, bed restis not likely something you'd be familiar with. But even if you aren't on bed rest, you probably know someone that needs more rest than most, whether it's an elderly or sick family member or friend. However, even a viral infection or a cold can have you seeking some much-needed rest and relaxation, and a bed rest pillow can help make that time more comfortable for you and your family.

Dating back to 19th-century treatment of mental disorders, bed rest has its roots in full and total immobilization, where a patient was discouraged from hardly any movement at all. In recent years, the medical community has learned of the dangers of voluntarily cutting out all exertion and movement, and instead encourages activity when possible and the importance of rest when needed. But whether or not bed rest is a worthwhile bit of medical advice, we all know that there are many times that a few days in bed can help you recuperate if you contract a nasty virus or cold, or if you suffer an injury that needs time to legitimately heal.

When You May Need Bed Rest

For all the reasons that getting up and about is important to help foster a healthy and active lifestyle, sometimes bed rest is the best thing, particularly for injuries that may affect your ability to get around. For back injuries and other types of joint problems, either acute, intermittent or chronic pain can keep you in bed for days or weeks on end, depending on the severity and type of injury or pain. Slipped discs and other types of joint issues can also keep you in bed for an extended period, and sprains, strains and other minor injuries can mean a few days of ice and rest.

Heart disease, stroke and other cardiovascular diseases may also keep you or a loved one in bed long after you leave the hospital. At home, the recovery period could take weeks or months, depending on your age and health, and there's no better place to get the rest you need than in a comfortable and relaxing bed -- your bed. Certain types of cancer or cancer treatments can also zap your body's energy to the point where getting out of bed is a chore. In these instances, bed rest allows you to recharge your body by minimizing your exertion, which helps you regain your strength and encourages your recovery.

How a Bed Rest Pillow with Arms Can Help

As opposed to a normal pillow that supports your head and neck on a flat plane, a bed rest pillow with arms is perfect for sitting up and reading, watching TV, gaming and relaxing -- in bed or anywhere else. Because they're supportive and portable, you can take your bed rest pillow from bed to the sofa to the game room and back again as the day progresses. No matter where you use your pillow, you'll get the same supportive benefits that helps relieve pain and encourages quick recovery or management of whatever it is that ails you.

Bed rest pillows with a detachable bolster pillow are also great for extending support from your posterior to your back and up to your neck and head, so extended periods of lounging are complemented by perfect support all day long. For severe back issues, these detachable pillows can also be stuffed in the lumbar position, and they're also great for keeping knees or feet elevated after an injury or other medical issue.

Many bed rest pillows also come with useful handles that make transporting them a breeze, so you can grab your pillow in one hand and hold your morning coffee or book in the other. Handy pockets are also useful for your phone, tablet or TV remote, or even just to hold your favorite magazine or your daily planner. And, odds are, once your family or significant other gets their turn with the bed rest pillow, you'll have no choice but to outfit your entire home with these plush and comfortable pillows -- that is, unless you plan on sharing yours.

A bed rest pillow with arms also makes a great gift for nursing mothers and all-day gamers that need the proper support and positioning that only a bed rest pillow can provide. As a sturdy and stable bed backrest, the right bed rest pillow helps support the entire upper body in a way that stack of pillows will never be able to do. Oversized bed rest pillows are even better, helping support your head and neck while you relax in comfort and luxury, whether you're sleeping, resting, lounging or reading.

Introducing the Husband Pillow - The Perfect Bed Rest Pillow

Best Bed rest Pillow | Husband Pillow

Simply put, the Husband Pillow is the best bed rest pillow with arms that money can buy. Available in dozens of colors and stuffed with soft shredded memory foam that can be adjusted to your exact fit and firmness, the Husband Pillow is one of the biggest and most supportive bed rest pillows available at 31-inches tall (with bolster pillow), which means you'll get ample support day after day, no matter your need. With the optional neck bolster, you get total support from hind to head, and convenient pockets hold anything from your phone to a book, tablet or laptop computer.

Taller and bigger than just about anything else, the Husband Pillow is unbelievably soft with its reversible and washable microfiber velour or suede leather skin. At the bottom of the shell, there's a zipper that allows you to add just the right amount of plush memory foam, or remove any excess, so the Husband Pillow adapts perfectly to your precise comfort level and need. Not to be outdone, the pressure-relieving memory foam or optional siliconized fiberfill nurtures a healthy spine and protects your back from further injury. And if you ever run out, just contact us and we'll send you more comfortable memory foam stuffing free of charge.

For those sensitive to heat and sweat, the Husband Pillow's breathable shredded memory foam does not condense or bunch up, which prevents heat buildup in the pillow as air is able to freely move around you and throughout the pillow, even while you're using it. Ergonomically designed to relieve pressure on your spine, hips and lower back, the Husband Pillow is an excellent pillow for back pain, as it promotes positive blood circulation and helps relieve lower back pain and numbness associated with pregnancy, herniated discs, sciatica and tailbone injuries.

And with our lifetime warranty and free delivery and return, you've really got nothing to lose with the best bed rest pillow with arms, the Husband Pillow. Try it risk free, and if you're not completely satisfied, send it back and we'll refund your entire purchase price. We'll give you 100 days to see if it helps alleviate your pain or increases your comfort level, and if it doesn't work for you -- no matter the reason -- just send it back. Our three-year warranty is also one of the longest in the business, so you can look forward to years of comfort with your soft yet supportive Husband Pillow.

To get you started, here's a link to our best-selling Husband Pillow Back Pillow, or our premium Aspen Edition Backrest Pillow that adds even more comfort and luxury to our best-selling Husband Pillow. So what are you waiting for? Order today and get free delivery and return, as well as the best warranty in the biz.

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