Celebrate Sweet Sixteen with a Dream Pillow

par Cybergineer Solutions janvier 30, 2021

Teens love lavish, and our big, cuddly Husband Pillow is definitely over the top. It’s a special gift to celebrate an important day in a young person’s life. We guarantee there will be smiles and hugs when your new sixteen-year-old opens this exciting package. 

One word of warning—this pillow is so cozy you may have trouble getting help with chores around the house. But that’s a problem parents of teens have probably already experienced. The Husband Pillow is definitely built for lounging. With its detachable bolster, which doubles as a foot or knee rest, the Husband Pillow is a full 31 inches high. It boasts two generous side pockets and one in the back to stash snacks, a water bottle, phone, remote and other essentials. A convenient handle makes it portable for sleepovers and other travel adventures.

We’re sure that one of our four style options will be just right for the birthday girl or boy. Our Traditional Line features a plush microfiber cover that is available in sixteen (yes, that’s right!) amazing colors. The Aspen Edition is perfect for the teen who likes options. It’s reversible cover switches from microfiber to sleek microsuede in an instant. For kids who love excitement, the Fabulous Faux Fur Line will not disappoint. There’s even a petite copy of our jumbo styles that’s just right for smaller people or spaces.  

All four versions of this amazing pillow are filled with shredded memory foam, one of earth’s most comfortable materials. Memory foam was invented by NASA to improve seat cushioning for airline pilots and travelers. It uses the body’s heat to mold to neck, back, and shoulder contours for firm yet cushioning support. That’s why this pillow is also loved by adults. It provides soothing relief to aching muscles and a restful haven after a busy day. (You might want to think about a little gift to yourself.)

If you’re worried that all this comfort will encourage too much texting or gaming, we’d like to remind you that this is actually a reading pillow. So why not stash a few books in those side and back pockets. Consider titles that showcase a new hobby your teen might enjoy, like scrapbooking, photography, or knitting. Then, include supplies for that activity as a bonus gift. (After all, they’re only sweet sixteen once.)

Choose Traditional Activities To Make for a Special Event

The sweet sixteen celebration originated in the Victorian era with debutant parties and balls. The purpose of these elaborate affairs was to present a young woman to adult society and, more importantly, to introduce her to the eligible bachelors in her community. This early take on dating and romance isn’t a custom that anyone is looking to revive. But there are a few traditions that you might want to incorporate into your party to make the event more meaningful.

The candle ceremony recognizes important people in the teen's life.

Light Each Candle To Honor Someone Special

It’s nice to give family and friends a role in the day. The candle ceremony is an opportunity to recognize important people in the guest of honor’s life. Before the party, someone is picked to represent each candle. When the cake is presented, it’s time to share a memory or an anecdote about the honoree prior to inviting that person to light their candle. The first candle is typically reserved for parents and the second for siblings or close relatives. The remaining candles can be lit by other family members or friends. Sometimes a 17th candle is included for good luck. Another option is for the celebrant to simply say a few words of thanks and describe what made the day special before blowing out the candles.

Save the First Dance for Dad or Mom

If dancing is planned, wait a few minutes before turning the DJ loose and save a slow dance for dad or mom--especially since it was their idea to buy that great TV pillow. Picking a meaningful song can be a bonding experience with parents. This is an opportunity to take video or photos that will be fun to revisit on other important milestones. For truly memorable footage, if the adults at the party are young at heart, consider a dance-off.

Pass on Family Heirlooms

This is the perfect moment to pass along family heirlooms. Jewelry is especially appropriate. The Husband Pillow’s pockets are made for hiding a velvet box containing a treasured necklace, bracelet, watch, or cuff links. Include a “family tree” with the gift describing its story. You’ll want to outline the history and provide a timeline of who has owned the piece over the years. If there are no heirlooms in your family, why not create the first? Fill that jewel box with a gemstone ring or timepiece that can be passed down. 

Gift Favorite Toys  

Another way to involve additional family members is for the celebrant to pass a special toy or book down to a younger sibling, relative, or friend. This gift could also be accompanied by a story. The teen can describe why the item is special, share thoughts about her relationship with the recipient, and hopes for their future adventures together. It’s also a symbolic way of acknowledging the passage from childhood to young adult life.

Pass a special toy down to a younger person.

Create a Virtual or Paper Scrapbook of Significant Moments

Tech-savvy parents could create a life story video using family photographs and favorite music to show at the party. If you’re more of an analog crew, order a printed memory book from one of the online services. Tuck the book into the back pocket of our big pillow with arms for another amazing surprise. 

A Hug That Says I Love You

We certainly approve of giving our favorite pillow some extra oomph (not that it needs any), by loading the pockets with additional loot. But this is a gift that stands on its own two feet. Anything else is icing on a cake that’s already pretty sweet. Our Husband Pillow is a big, cozy hug that says I love you. On any birthday, that’s the most important message. So, light the candles, drop the balloons, toss the confetti, and let the celebration begin!

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