Love Reading? A Husband Pillow Makes Every Book Better

par Cybergineer Solutions janvier 30, 2021

A husband Pillow is a reader's dream, but you don't really need the book to enjoy this perfect pillow.Thrillers, sci-fi, fantasy, and romance—if you love to lose yourself in books, then you should know that great reading pillows are the secret to a fantastic adventure with your favorite story. The humongous, cozy Husband Pillow is in a class of its own. It’s designed to take your reading to a new level of enjoyment and comfort.

Surprisingly, many people who spend hours with their favorite books are uncomfortable while they are reading. Instead of being able to forget about the carpet that needs a vacuum, the snow that’s piling up in the driveway, or the lawn that’s overgrown, they’re distracted by the pain and discomfort of trying to read with a subpar pillow—or worse yet no pillow at all. If you are one of those book lovers who fidgets and squirms trying to find the right position, here are some tips on what makes a perfect reading pillow.

Firm Back, Neck, and Arm Support

We don’t have scientific statistics about this. But here’s a question: 

  • Where do books usually pile up? 
  • Answer: On tables beside beds, couches, and easy chairs. 

Reclining and reading go hand-in-hand. But without adequate upper body support, the experience can be less than perfect. Trying to read in bed using a lumpy pillow jammed against the headboard or the wall can result in a terrible stiff neck. At a generous 31 inches high, the Husband Pillow supports your entire back and neck for optimal relaxation.

Stop straining your body to read your favorite book.

Shredded memory foam fill is the secret to the Husband Pillow’s cloud-like comfort. And, if you’re looking for a reading pillow that will help you escape from everyday hassles and chores into the world of fiction, memory foam is your best friend. This amazing material was created in the 1960s by scientists at NASA for use in airplane seats. They were searching for a substance that would be both comfortable and protective against impact. Memory foam uses the heat from your body to mold to your shape and distribute pressure evenly across the pillow’s surface. 

If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that no two readers are alike. Some people want a little more or less oomph in their pillow than others. That’s why we made a secret pocket so that you can add or remove fill to create your perfect backrest pillow. We’ll even send you an extra bag of memory foam if you need a bit more boost. 

A detachable neck-roll is another great feature that helps keep you pain-free and cozy. Leaning forward to read strains neck muscles and causes discomfort. The neck roll allows your head to relax and remain level and keeps your body in the appropriate alignment. 

A Place for All Your Gear

The killer just jimmied open the window and climbed in. He’s roaming through the sleeping house seeking his next victim.STOP THE ACTION! Your phone is ringing, and it’s in the other room. Don’t spoil a suspenseful plot because you need your glasses or misplaced some other important item. The perfect reading pillow should have a space to store all your must-have reading accessories. 

The Husband Pillow boasts two generous side pockets plus a back pocket to keep whatever you need for the perfect reading experience close at hand. Stash a couple of energy bars and a bottle of water in case you have to read through lunch or dinner to catch the next twist in your story.

A Soft and Inviting Cover

No matter how great your pillow is on the inside, if the outside is scratchy or irritating, it won’t be a 10. The perfect reading pillow feels as good as it looks. The Traditional Husband Pillow is covered in microfiber that is both luxurious and durable. But if you’re the kind of person who likes to change things up a bit, the Aspen Edition doubles your options with a reversible cover that is scrumptious microfiber on one side and sleek microsuede on the other. 

Readers, looking for a walk on the wild side, will find the thrill they’re seeking with the Fabulous Faux Fur Line.Film stars, paparazzi princesses, and divas of all stripes love this collection. But guys and kids are crazy about these covers too. Who wouldn’t be? Especially when it’s so easy to reverse your pillow cover for two unique experiences. One side is shaggy-soft and the other is silky-smooth. 

Best of all, whether you decide to read in bed, on the couch, or snuggled in your favorite recliner, the Husband Pillow looks great. Covers can be purchased in an array of dreamy shades that highlight your home’s furnishings. From dusky gray to sunset pink, there’s a pillow cover for every décor or mood.  Why limit yourself to just one look. Purchase a second cover to keep things lively and stylish. We can’t wait to help you upscale your reading experience with a fuzzy new microfiber pillow cover. 

Always Picture Perfect

Our covers are designed to wrap you in luxurious comfort. No matter how much you love and use your pillow, it will remain great looking. Wash after wash, your cover will be as fresh and smooth as the first day you slipped it on your pillow. The colors won’t fade, and the fabric won’t pill. Our quality materials are selected with your satisfaction in mind. We manufacture pillows, but we aim to make happy readers, customers, and homes.


Any pillow that’s best in class, should be versatile enough to do several big jobs. The Husband Pillow is a reader’s dream.  But honestly, you don’t really need the book. There are so many reasons why this super-sized, glamour puss makes studying, gaming, watching TV, and plain old hanging out even better than you imagined it could be. From its convenient handle to its good looks, quality materials, and thoughtful design, the Husband Pillow aims to please readers, snoozers, dreamers, and doers.

No matter what you want it to be: a reading pillow, a back-support pillow, or a TV watching pillow, the Husband pillow delivers big comfort, fun, and style. With more of us at home than ever, Husband Pillows are in demand. Get yours today! 

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