Big Little Bed Rest Pillows Equal Fun for Small Fry and Teens

par Cybergineer Solutions janvier 27, 2021

Why should mom and dad have all the fun? Now the kids can enjoy the same super-sized Husband Pillows as the big folks, scaled to fit them perfectly. You’ll be the hero when you bring home this mini version of our most popular pillow with arms. But a word of advice, if you have a large family, the whole gang is going to want one of their very own. So be prepared. 

Why is this pillow so popular with youngsters? Who wouldn’t love a big friendly guy who is cuddly as a plush toy and ready to snuggle at the drop of a hat? But there are lots of other great reasons that your child or teen will adore our big little pillow with arms. 

Smaller Size With the Same Great Features

This mini version of the popular Husband Pillow comes as fully loaded as its big brother. It boasts two handy pockets for all your child’s important items. Books, iPads, earbuds, and favorite toys and games stay close at hand. 

Unbutton the attached neck roll, and guess what happens? There is a convenient handle to carry the pillow wherever your kids want to go. Plus, the bolster serves as a cozy footrest. Thanks to a secret zipper on the inner shell, shredded memory foam can be added or removed to create the perfect loft. 

If you love the sky blue shade of our full-sized pillow, you can find the same great hues for its mini-me. There’s a color to suit every room and home décor. From magenta to mauve we’ve got you covered.

A Better Bedtime

Sometimes kids need a little coaxing to prepare for heading to bed. What better way to help them off to dreamland than the promise of storytime with their favorite fluffy reading pillow. Let them hold the book and turn the pages while you narrate a beloved tale. You probably already know the best books by heart anyway. 

For kiddos with night fights, set the pillow at the foot of the bed with a friendly stuffed animal seated in the crook to keep watch until the sun chases the scaries away. Nothing says I love you like a big cozy pillow. It’s a hug that’s always there.

Zoom School Cuddles

If you have children learning from home, an oversized pillow is one way to make Zoom school a bit more pleasant. Yes, it might be a little indulgent, but these days we all need a few extra perks. 

Teen Love our scaled-down husband pillow

Sleepover Fun for Teens

While we wouldn’t recommend them for a pillow fight, teens love our scaled-down husband pillows. Premium shredded memory foam means luxurious lounging. A pillow with arms makes a great setup for movie night. Arrange several around the TV and teens have their own home theatre. Just add the pizza and popcorn for the weekend's best sleepover. 

Saturday night spa time with the besties rises to another level when everyone has their very own Husband Pillow doubling as a mani-pedi chair. 

Is there a gamer, who spends hours hunched over a device, in your house? The mini backrest pillow helps to encourage better posture and avoid future neck and shoulder issues

Signature Style for a Special Room

Remember when you were a youngster and your room was your kingdom—the place where you could lose yourself in games, make-believe, or magic. A unique piece of furniture makes that private space even more meaningful. The mini Husband pillow is the kind of whimsical accent that transforms an ordinary bedroom into a more playful, exciting environment where children love to spend quality time. Check out these decorating ideas.

Furry Friends

Set a  cuddly critter loose to give your child’s room that storybook excitement every little person loves. Our Faux Fur line plays to big imaginations. It’s a hands-down favorite with kids of all ages especially those who love to be “where the wild things are.” 

Fur changes the scene from ho-hum to extraordinary. Plus, there are two styles to choose from. The pillow cover reverses from shaggy, snuggles to sleek, softness in an instant. Kids can enjoy the fluffy look of angora rabbit or the silky texture of rare snow leopard. If your family is concerned about the planet, it’s good to know that our Faux Fur line respects the beauty of these amazing creatures while protecting the natural world.

Annie Oakleys and Buckaroos

Are there wild west fans in your house—kids who love cowboys and rodeos? Then the Aspen Edition might be a perfect choice. Aspen says horses and mountain magic. The reversible cover offers two distinct styles. Pick the fuzzy microfiber fabric or smooth faux suede. 

Quality Family Time

What’s the best way to sift through all these choices? Selecting the perfect reading or TV watching pillow with your youngster can be a family bonding experience. It’s the kind of activity that says, “I trust you to make decisions, but I’m going to be there to help with choices and share what I know about the world.” With so many styles and colors to select, there’s lots of room for creativity and self-expression. Let your family’s spirit shine. 

Picking a pillow together is fun. But a surprise is even better

Best Gift Ever

Picking a pillow together is fun. But a surprise is even better. What child wouldn’t be thrilled to find a huge box topped with a beautiful bow beside the birthday cake or under the tree. Imagine the wide eyes when your youngster unwraps a snuggly, faux fur friend on Christmas morning. The Husband Pillow is a unique gift that brings immediate smiles and lasting pleasure. 

And, don’t forget the graduate. Smaller husband pillows make a cozy addition to any home away from home or dorm room. They’re perfect for studying in small spaces, watching TV, or snoozing on a lazy afternoon. Covers are machine washable—so no worries about Cheeto stains, spilled beverages, or any other college student mishaps. 

Don’t Wait 

We hear so many people say, “I love this pillow. Why didn’t I purchase it months ago?” Don’t hesitate to put—

  • Magic into a youngster’s room
  • Cuddles into storytime
  • Smiles on your family’s faces

Your favorite pillow is waiting for you. Why not bring it home today?

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