Hit Notion
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Hit Notion

Super Juicer Easy Squeezer - Fruit Juicing Oranges, Lemons, Limes More Quickly & Efficiently Hand Juicer - Heavy Aluminum - Easy to Clean - Plastic Filter Plus Filter Bags for Seed & Pulp-Free Juice

Super Juicer Easy Squeezer - Heavy-Duty Juicer for Oranges, Lemons and More

  • WAKE UP TO FRESH SQUEEZED JUICE: Start your day with a refreshing glass of vitamin C. This juicer is an easy to use, low-tech kitchen tool that will put more fresh fruits and vegetables in your life. Includes plastic filter and two filter bags.
  • EVERY KITCHEN NEEDS THIS JUICER: The Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer makes it so easy to add a splash of citrus to recipes and drinks. This is one piece of kitchen equipment that’s a snap to clean and won’t take up space in the dishwasher.
  • GREAT FOR THE HOME BARTENDER: Start the party right. Nothing impresses guests more than delicious cocktails like Margaritas, Mojitos and Daiquiris made with freshly squeezed juice. Or try adding peach or blueberry juice to your favorite fizzy water.
  • SAFECOST SAVING: Fresh produce can be expensive. The Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer gets every drop of juice out of your fruit and vegetables. This heavy-duty kitchen tool helps to eliminate waste and lets you do more with less.
  • 100 DAY GUARANTEE - 4 YEAR WARRANTY: Superior craftsmanship means that the Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer is designed to last and give you years of use. If you’re not satisfied, we offer a refund within the first 100 days of purchase.

Our Brand:

Hit Notion provides the highest quality merchandise and unparalleled service. Every item we sell comes to you backed by decades of experience in the marketplace and product development. We are committed to keeping each customer healthy and satisfied.

Lead a Healthier Life With a Daily Dose of Fresh Juice

Fruit juice is loaded with healthy benefits. It boosts your immune system, aids in weight loss and digestion and keeps you hydrated. But packaged, bottled and canned juice is typically loaded with sugar and may contain other unwanted chemicals. A juicer helps you get the pure nutritional value from citrus or vegetables without any harmful additives. Unlike high-tech machine juicers, a manual juicer has the advantage of being quiet, easy to use, clean and simple to store anywhere. Keep it on your kitchen counter within reach for a no-hassle treat that’s good and good for you.

No Seeds or Pulp

A plastic filter, plus two filter bags ensures that all you get is delicious, fresh juice without any annoying seeds or pulp. Plus, solid construction makes it simple to extract every drop of liquid without stressing your arms or hands. It’s a pleasure to juice oranges and lemons for family breakfasts or snacks. But don’t limit yourself to fruit. The Manual Juicer can also squeeze vegetables like ginger, garlic or tomatoes. There are so many ways this juicer can make your cooking more interesting and your recipes easier to prepare and serve.

Tame Bad Eating Habits

Bringing more fruit juice into your life can help to eliminate bad habits such as eating too much fast food or too many rich desserts. With a manual juicer in your kitchen, it’s easy to substitute a glass of fresh juice in place of a less nutritious snack. Next time you’re tempted to reach for the Oreos, grab an orange instead and get out your juicer. It’s surprising how fast a healthier diet can make a difference in how you look and feel. With a Manual Juicer in the kitchen better nutrition is just a squeeze away.

Product Info

  • Height:  4.3
  • Length:  4.9
  • Width:  8.7
  • Weight:  2
  • UPC:  632726096540
  • Brand:  Hit Notion
  • Manufacturer:  Hit Notion
  • retail price:  $39.95 $34.95

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