Muscle Man Pillow
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Muscle Man Pillow

Muscle Man Pillow Cute and Fun Hunky Husband Cuddle Companion Boyfriend "Ripped" Body Pillow With Benefits Unique Gag Gift Idea Body Pillow, Tan Man

Muscle Man Pillow - Man Chest Pillow with Benefits & Support

Muscle Man Pillow Cute and Fun Hunky Husband Cuddle Companion Boyfriend "Ripped" Body Pillow With Benefits Unique Gag Gift Idea Body Pillow, Tan Man

Muscle Man Pillow - Man Chest Pillow with Benefits & Support

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  • THE ORIGINAL MUSCLE MAN PILLOW: This is it...the renowned and much talked-about unique human form body pillow that has been featured on Anderson Cooper, Web Soup, Game of Thrones, Today Show featured products, and has even co-starred in the television series Glee. Ignore the imitators and don't settle for anything less than the original and unbeatable Muscle Man of the best boyfriend gifts you can give
  • BEST QUALITY BODY PILLOW: This superior quality husband pillow is as strong and durable as its name suggests; and unlike common gag or novelty gifts, this sturdy and well-crafted pillow won't fall apart or disintegrate after a few uses. Far from being a basic gag gift pillow, this is in fact a true and genuine comfortable pillow; a top-quality bed pillow that will help you get a better night's sleep
  • UNMATCHED IN COMFORT: The ultimate cuddle pillow, the Muscle Man Body Pillow is akin to a virtual hug pillow; a thick, ultra-soft and fluffy masculine friend culled from pure cotton, that even comes complete with an extended arm like a virtual real man. This is the perfect comfort pillow. Lose yourself in a warm, wonderful embrace of a strapping man; one never too weary to cuddle and comfort you
  • REAL MEN CAN BE HEALTHY TOO: The ultimate arm pillow boyfriend is far more than just cute and's healthful and beneficial as well. This cotton fiber feather-free pillow does not trigger or aggravate allergies. In addition, its ultra-soft cover, which takes the form of a striking light azure T-shirt, won't itch or irritate your skin
  • YOU'RE SURE TO BE SMITTEN: We guarantee the quality, craftsmanship and infinite comfort of this fine man pillow. THE PERFECT COMPANION...Don't you or someone you know want to feel the intimate closeness of a man? The secret to beating the loneliness...spray a mist of your loved one's favorite cologne, lay back, dream and let the memories flood in

The original Muscle Man Pillow from Deluxe Comfort delivers exceptional buoyancy and is a favorite among those who love to sleep close to a masculine man's body. The supremely-comfortable pillow is shaped like a buff man's upper torso, which looks suave and debonair in a handsome t-shirt cover. His strong arm wraps gently around the neck of his partner, creating a feeling of closeness, comfort, and intimacy.

The ideal choice for both women or men that desire the feel of a strong but gentle man's embrace. Perhaps your partner travels on business often or works the opposite shift as you. Just spray the t-shirt cover with his preferred scent and it's almost like he never left!

Has your loved one gone on military leave? Cover the Muscle Man Pillow with his favorite t-shirt, close your eyes, and let your imagination fly! If you are recently going through a break-up, you know that few things are as difficult as getting used to sleeping alone again. With the loyal and obliging Muscle Man Pillow at your side, you don't have to!

Have a single friend that just won't stop reminding everyone of their single status? Change her outlook on being single once and for all with the Muscle Man Pillow! Feel the affectionate embrace of a manly man without the snoring, odor, or tossing and turning. The ultimate in bedroom cute pillows!

The Muscle Man Body Pillow makes an excellent joke gift, and better still, a gag gift with a purpose! Spoil yourself, or a friend, with the soothing masculine arm and buff upper body of this unique man pillow design.

And, he's not just for sleeping! The pillow provides a wonderful way to cuddle up for a movie marathon, during long car rides, or with a good book. Just nestle in with him, and you'll never need another man again!

The ONE AND ONLY Original Muscle Man Pillow! A favorite among unique gifts and sold out often. Don't miss out on yours!

Once you try your Original Muscle Man Pillow, you'll experience your sweetest snuggle and slumber you've ever known!

Product Info

  • Size:  Body Pillow
  • Height:  4.5
  • Length:  22
  • Width:  23
  • Weight:  2.5
  • Serial Number 85229902
  • Registration 5865546
  • UPC:  885535019013
  • Brand:  Muscle Man Pillow
  • Manufacturer:  Boyfriend Pillow
  • retail price:  $49.95 $44.95
  • Trademark 4022321

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