Deluxe Comfort
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Deluxe Comfort

Leg Spacer Pillow, 21" x 7.5" x 4" - Hypoallergenic Memory Foam - Medical Specialty Pillow - Side Sleeper - Leg Positioner Pillow

Leg Spacer Pillow - Hypoallergenic Memory Foam - Medical Specialty Pillow, White

  • TOP-QUALITY LEG PILLOW: The Leg Wedge Pillow, leg position pillow, between-the-knees comfort is an expertly-crafted and top-notch leg wedge that heals as it comforts. This is, very simply, the very best knee support pillow on the market
  • THERAPEUTIC LEG PAIN PILLOW: If you need to know how to relieve knee pain, look no further than this support pillow for the knees, legs and back. This knee wedge pillow equals physical therapy, aligning the posture and spine as provides relief for back pain, restless leg syndrome, possible sciatica relief, etc
  • COMFORTABLE FOAM WEDGES FOR LEGS: This ergonomically-designed foam leg wedge is culled from luxurious memory foam that shifts and conforms to support your body. Much like an air pillow or massage wedge, this foam wedge pillow both comforts and heals
  • BEAUTIFUL AND LOW MAINTENANCE KNEE WEDGE PILLOW: Boasting a whisper-soft, easily washable zippable cover of azure velour, this bed wedge cushion rivals the finest bed pillows and even hotel pillows in their beauty and style
  • GUARANTEED WEDGE PILLOW: We guarantee the excellent craftsmanship and endless comfort of the leg wedge pillow; leg position pillow; between the knees comfort. If you have questions, concerns, comments or complaints about this knee wedge pillow, please contact us

Double the service, double the support, double the pillow!

Do you wake up almost every morning with your back sore and your muscles spasming? Perhaps you awake throughout the night to incapacitating leg cramps. Do your hips hurt when you sleep on your side? Maybe you have varicose veins that have been causing you difficulty?

If you can relate to any of these situations, we feel your pain...and we offer you a solution! The leg wedge pillow, from Deluxe Comfort, is an extremely comfortable and therapeutic way to keep your lower body in position. The contoured shape goes with you when you roll around in the night (no straps needed) to ensure you always end up in a comfortable and pain-free position.

Used between the knees or the thighs when sleeping on your side, this pillow holds everything in perfect alignment to both prevent and pacify pain. If you sleep on your back, the weight of your legs pulling on your spine creates a lot of stress on the lower back. This leads to waking up feeling drained and sore instead of refreshed and revitalized.

This leg wedge pillow can be opened up to create ankle holders that elevate your feet 3". This will alleviate the stress on your lower back, and will hold your body in its natural alignment. This position is doctor-recommended for treatment of varicose vein discomfort.

The removable terry cloth cover allows for easy cleaning, and the memory foam of this pillow molds to your body for customized comfort. Try it for your most supportive sleep! GET YOURS NOW before they're all gone!

Product Info

  • Height:  2.5
  • Length:  21
  • Width:  22.5
  • Weight:  0.4
  • UPC:  885535000912
  • Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
  • Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
  • retail price:  $35.99 $24.95
  • SKU:  LWP-001-01

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