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Deluxe Comfort

Dream Supreme, King - Cooling Gel Fiber Fill - Hotel Quality - Luxury - Bed Pillow, White - Pack of 2

Dream Supreme Luxury Hotel Bed Pillow - Allergen Free- Set of 2

Dream Supreme, King - Cooling Gel Fiber Fill - Hotel Quality - Luxury - Bed Pillow, White - Pack of 2

Dream Supreme Luxury Hotel Bed Pillow - Allergen Free- Set of 2


  • THE PILLOW THAT STAND ABOVE THE REST: Dream Supreme Fiber-filled Pillows are a rare example of the perfect pillow; one that offers infinite comfort, incredible health benefits, and superior craftsmanship
  • THE ULTIMATE SLEEPING PILLOW: Supremely-cushioned and comfortable, this soft, succoring fiber fill pillow doubles as a pure and ever-supportive cotton pillow; one that is sure to promote a prolonged and restful sleep period
  • HYPOALLERGENIC PILLOWS: This fiber pillow is completely hypoallergenic in casing and content, containing no feathers or other materials that might inflame sinuses or trigger allergies.
  • AN ELEGANT PILLOW WORTHY OF A HOTEL COLLECTION: With its lush casing of lovely ivory emblazoned with a stunning pattern of floral jacquard, this little beauty is sure to remind you of a Hilton Hotel pillow
  • GUARANTEED BED PILLOWS: We guarantee the supreme craftsmanship and luxurious comfort of the Dream Supreme pillow. If you have any questions, concerns or complaints regarding this ultimate sleeping pillow, do not hesitate to contact us

Looking for a beautiful dream of a pillow?

The Dream Supreme Plus gel fiber-filled pillow is the ultimate in luxury bed pillows!

This is the variety of hotel royale pillow that one would expect to find in an upscale hotel room; proudly claiming its place beside hotel pillows that might include the Louisville Bedding pillow, the Serta pillow, Simmons Beautyrest pillow, the Sobakawa cloud pillow or the Euro pillow. With its elegant cover of ivory floral jacquard, this home pillow feels and looks more like a palais royale pillow. Now every night spent in the comfort of your own home will feel like a vacation!

Ah...but beauty is only one benefit of this ultimate bed lounge pillow. Indeed, this pillow ranks among the best for sleeping, in terms of its elevated level of pampering luxuriance. The most comfortable pillow on today's market, this is a memory foam pillow that cushions and adjusts to the delicate contours of your head and neck, while still keeping its shape. It is also a cooling of those sublime examples of a gel pillow that cools and soothes the head on contact. A whisper-soft cotton casing with a cushy 370 thread-count completes this ethereal package.

The Dream Supreme Plus gel fiber-filled pillow also could be considered a health-promoting equivalent of the therapeutic sleeping pillow. Like many gel pillows of memory foam, it conforms to and supports the curvatures of the head and neck, thus helping to combat aches and pains in these sensitive areas. In addition, this is also a pillow down alternative that is completely hypoallergenic, boasting an anti-allergy pillowcase that covers a gel fiber pillow, not one filled with feathers or other possible allergens. The pillowcase is machine-washable, and is also available in king and full sizes.

Fulfill your dream of a better night's sleep, courtesy of The Dream Supreme Plus gel fiber-filled cooling pillow!

Product Info

  • Size:  King
  • Height:  6
  • Length:  36
  • Width:  20
  • Weight:  5
  • UPC:  885535023850
  • Brand:  Deluxe Comfort
  • Manufacturer:  Living Healthy Products
  • retail price:  $105.99 $74.95
  • SKU:  2xE-4-king

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