Great Game Console Chair Pillows: How to Choose the BEST!

by Cybergineer Solutions אוקטובר 12, 2020

Why do gamers buy gaming chairs?

The #1 reason why gamers buy gaming chairs is COMFORT! While some gamers love trends, most keep buying new gaming chairs in search of elusive comfort.

According to the latest statistics, the average gamer spends approximately 7 hours a week gaming. We all know gamers who spend an entire weekend gaming. When you consider the current pandemic, the 7-hour average is too conservative.

Gaming comfort is bound to be a crucial factor now, more than ever. With most people spending more time indoors, the number of gamers looking for gaming chairs will increase drastically. What most gamers don't realize is - you can turn any chair into a gaming chair if you buy the right pillow.

What's more, most gaming chairs aren't even comfortable. As a result, most gamers who invest in gaming chairs must invest in a gaming chair pillow as well. With the average millennial gamer spending $112+ monthly on gaming content and an extra $29+ in donations for content creators in the gaming space, it makes sense to invest in comfort as well.

Instead of spending $200-$400 on the typical gaming chair, just convert a regular chair into a gaming chair using a gaming chair pillow! If you have a gaming chair that isn't comfortable, you need a good gaming chair pillow, not another expensive gaming chair.

One of the best game console chair pillow brands - Husband Pillow has pillows costing less than half the cost of a typical gaming chair but offer more comfort than you'll ever need.

What's in the best gaming chair pillows? Buying game console chair pillows

There are countless gaming pillow brands today, so how do you identify the best from the rest? What features should you consider in the best game console chair pillows?

1. Premium memory foam pillow filling

The best pillows for gaming are filled with high-quality materials with special features/characteristics. Memory foam is a common filling in the best gaming pillows for its firm and moldable characteristics. The foam stands out for molding precisely into a person's body and offering custom support that eliminates all pressure points. Memory foam is among the few materials capable of coping with a gamer's unique body pressure and support needs.

Husband Pillow takes pillow filling to the next level with soft and shredded memory foam that doesn't clump or bind. The pillows also have an easy-access zipper that allows a person to remove, add, or shift memory form to meet the precise firmness needs. Gamers who invest in a Husband Pillow can get extra memory foam shipped to them for FREE.

Other pillow fillings like feathers should be avoided for their allergy risks. Synthetic fillings tend to lose cushioning strength over time. Wool pillow fillings are firm and bouncy. However, the filling is prone to lumpiness over time.

2. Soft, removable and washable pillow cover

What's outside a gaming pillow is as important as what is inside. The best pillow covers are comfortable on the skin and easy to maintain. Every Husband Pillow is made using smooth, high-quality microsuede that looks and feels great. This cover gives the pillows multipurpose capabilities. The soft, high-quality cover can double up as a gaming pillow for bed. You can lay your head comfortably on a Husband Pillow after a gaming escapade for unmatched comfort.

Since gaming pillows are used on a daily basis, the best are also easy to clean. Husband Pillow uses removable and washable pillow covers.

3. Great design

You should also choose a gaming pillow with a great design. Most pillows out there feature basic designs that don't pay attention to detail. The pillow you settle for should be designed by a team that has thought of "everything" a gamer needs in a pillow.

Husband Pillow has one of the "coolest" game console chair pillows. The neck support is designed with neck ventilation to keep you cool and upright. The pillow also has armrests and other features foreign in most game console chair pillows on sale today.

3. Pillow accessories (pockets, neck support, and more!)

The best pillow for gaming shouldn't just be a tool for comfort. Gaming pillows should feature accessories like pockets that allow a gamer to store gaming cheats, favorite magazines, gaming discs, etc. The pillows should also have neck support.

A Husband Pillow for gamers "fits the bill" perfectly. The pillow has a back pocket for holding books, glasses, magazines, gaming cheats, etc., and side pockets for holding your phone, remote, and other small items you need close to you when gaming. The pillow also has a detachable neck roll for ultra-comfort.

4. Customizable

The best gaming pillows can be customized to match individual tastes and preferences. You shouldn't be restricted by anything when dealing with the best pillow brands. 

A Husband Pillow can be custom-made to size. You can select specific size requirements; choose the shell filling you want (fiber or memory foam) and quantity as well as the color. A Husband Pillow can be bought in 17 different cover colors. It's also possible to select two-sided covers. Other custom requirements can also be accommodated.

Get a custom Husband Pillow for gaming NOW!

5. Multipurpose use

The gaming pillow you buy should also serve other purposes. It's expensive to have multiple pillows for different uses when you can have one for multiple uses.

Since gaming pillows are back pillows with a unique design, they should be made for multiple uses. For instance, you should use your pillow for reading in bed if you want to. Avid readers love reading in bed. However, typical pillows don't offer good back and hand support.

The Husband Pillow gaming pillow offers unmatched neck and back support, making it ideal for gaming as well as reading. The pockets are ideal for keeping your favorite novels and magazines.

The pillow can also come in handy for people with back problems. Recovering from a back injury can be stressful if you lack adequate support. Gaming pillows from renowned brands can offer that much needed back support. The pillows can support your entire upper body comfortably.

A Husband Pillow can also be used by seniors who need adequate bed rest, upper body support and/or comfort to sit up and watch TV, read, do artwork, knit, or crochet. The pillows can also be used by nursing mothers. The multiple feeds after every two to four hours can stress the back and arms of nursing mothers. Husband Pillow's gaming pillow can double up as a nursing pillow allowing new mothers to sit up and breastfeed in comfort without worrying about back and arm fatigue.

In a nutshell, the gaming pillow you buy should have multipurpose capabilities. You should be free to convert a gaming pillow into a lounge pillow, back pillow for bed, chair pillow, wall pillow, movie pillow, seniors back pillow, sit-up pillow, and much more. Here's more on Husband Pillow use cases.

6. Warranty

The best game console chair pillows also come with lengthy warranties that allow users enough time to test and make informed buying decisions. A lengthy warranty is a testament to quality. You just need a few days to test and decided if you like a gaming pillow.

Husband Pillow is one of the few gaming pillow brands that offer over three months (101 days) of risk-free testing. This time is adequate for in-depth testing, custom adjustments, and retesting again. What's more, Husband Pillow offers free memory foam to all customers to allow perfect support. In case of anything, customers can reach the support team 24/7 via live chat.

If you try the pillow for 101 days and you don't like it, even after making cover and foam adjustments, you can ask for a 100% refund with no questions asked.

7. Portability

The best gaming chair pillows out there are portable. They can be transported easily anywhere you go.

Brands like Husband Pillow have designed pillows with portability in mind. Their gaming chair pillow has a handy built-in handled, allowing you to carry your pillow around your home and outside when you travel or go on holiday.

8. Value for money

As mentioned above, game console chair pillows cost way less than gaming chairs but offer more versatility. It's prudent to buy a good gaming pillow since you'll only need one and you can use it for multiple uses.

In a nutshell, there are countless game console chair pillow brands out there, but very few come as advertised. You need pillow brand that has unmatched attention to detail and quality. Husband Pillow is one of those brands that meet the criteria for great game console chair pillows that can be work for multiple uses.

You could be a gamer, a new mom, a patient recovering from back pain, or a senior with back problems. You just need one pillow from Husband Pillow. In fact, everyone needs a Husband Pillow in there home for improved comfort.

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