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Better pillows, from the Better Pillow Guy.

Back when our founder Jason Berke started creating pillows and comfort items over 20 years ago, products were just products. And company founders pretty much stayed out of the limelight and let the product market themselves.

Nowadays, it seems like you hear more about, and from, a lot of company leaders than you hear about the products their companies make.

Jason Berke

From gag gifts to serious comfort…..

The Boyfriend Pillow was one of the first products we created and it was featured on a multitude of media including Glee on NBC, Game of throws on HBO and on MTV. We really brought joy and laughter around birthday, Christmas and during breakups. Product life cycle run it course and we found ourselves

In 2016 we developed and patented the Husband Pillow, a bed rest pillow with a neck roll detachable neck roll an improvement to our first reading pillow design. To date we have expanded the line to 3 different sizes, now with 35 Variations of color and fabric choices there is something for everyone home decor.

But the brilliance of all our pillows, Jason always says, speaks for itself. And nothing says that better than our newest creation, The Wife Pillow.

Boyfriend Pillow

The Wife Pillow is the best example of The Better Pillows Guy’s quest for the perfect pillow.

No matter how you sleep — on your stomach, your back, your side or your hip — The Wife Pillow ingeniously and comfortably lets you put your arm in any and every position you like. No more twisting, no pressing, no waking up to an arm that’s sound asleep. Brilliant.

You can re-design and shape the pillow especially for you. That’s because it’s completely customizable, with 5 zipper pockets — letting you add or remove stuffing or inserts so your pillow will be the absolutely perfect height and density. Plus, The Wife Pillow gives you a choice of luxurious down or fiberfill down or other fills and covers.

Husband Pillow

Clearly, The Wife Pillow is the culmination of everything Jason Berke has created, since his very first pillow design over two decades ago. And as The Better Pillows Guy would say, it was well worth the wait.

Every time you use our pillows, we’ll be standing right behind you.

When we make a sale, we see that as the beginning of a relationship, not the end. If you have any problem or issue with our product, just text SOS to 313-307-4720, and, amazingly, we’ll get right back to you, 7 days a week, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. No waiting, no worrying if anyone cares.

So it’s no wonder why our customers are so happy.

Wife Pillow

Perhaps our most comforting feature: A 101-Day / 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

Not happy? No problem. With our unequaled 101-Day/100% Satisfaction Guarantee, you can just return your pillow for a full, no-questions-asked refund. We maintain our honor and stand behind our customer - as we care how you feel. See our Google Reviews!