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por Cybergineer Solutions enero 15, 2021

Buying a home comes with lots of perks and bonuses. One of the best is showcasing this significant purchase to friends and family. A housewarming party is a fun way to launch your new life and get everyone in on the act. Guests will certainly bring a little something to welcome you to your new digs. But why not kick-off the event by buying yourself a special gift. 

Our Husband Pillow is a must-have for every household. If you’re feeling guilty about buying a gift for yourself, remember psychologists say that a little self-love goes a long way toward making you a happier person. A more cheerful you means friends and family will feel better too. Closing on a home can be stressful; if your special treat is as comforting, soothing, and relaxing as our spectacular bed rest pillow, so much the better. 

If you are still feeling a tiny twinge of selfishness, why not buy a Husband Pillow for everyone in the family. That way your spouse, the kids, and even the dog, won’t enviously eye you lounging on the best seat in the house. 

Match Your Style to Ours

Whether you’ve purchased a ranch, bungalow, Cape Cod, or country French home, one of our four styles is certain to suit your décor. The Traditional Line is available in 16 vibrant colors from dove gray to rich burgundy. Its plush microfiber cover adds texture and warmth to any room. 

The Aspen Edition features a Southwest palette, plus a cover that reverses from microfiber to sleek microsuede. If you’ve been looking for just the right piece to set off the fireplace in your new family room. Grab this cozy back pillow, and settle in. 

True lovers of luxury will be over the moon with the Fabulous Faux Fur Collection. These nature-friendly designs boast dual-sided covers that offer a choice of a shaggy or silky texture. Choose from snow leopard, chinchilla, mink and ermine, and a variety of other fluffy faux friends. Fur’s neutral earth tones work brilliantly with other natural surfaces such as wood, leather, or polished stone. 

Finally, if you’ve downsized from a house to a condo and are worried about space, the petite version of our generous back support pillow will be perfect for your smaller surroundings. This scaled-down size also works well as a duo positioned against the headboard of a king-size bed.

Find Comfort and Relaxation

We care deeply about your comfort. That’s why all our Husband Pillows come fully loaded with amenities to make every day in your new surroundings brighter. Generous side and back pockets mean you’ll never have to search for your glasses, remote, phone, or tablet. Plus, the convenient handle makes it easy to tote your pillow to any room in the house. If you love to relax with your feet up, the detachable bolster doubles as a foot or knee rest. 

At a full 31 inches tall, our bed rest pillow provides the support you need for head, neck, shoulders, and back.  Watch TV, read, game, or enjoy your favorite hobbies in complete comfort. The shredded memory foam fill molds to your shape to relieve tense muscles and allows you to find the deep relaxation we all crave.

Plan an outside gathering to show off a garden


We know that every body is different. Some people want a little more or a little less support than others. The Husband Pillow’s hidden zipper allows you to add or remove  memory foam to customize your pillow to individual specification. 

Now that we’ve convinced you to indulge in a little self-love; Let’s talk about that party where friends, family, and new neighbors are going to ooh and aah over your updated environment. 

Most people only host a couple of housewarmings in a lifetime. Here are a few tips to make that special event memorable.

Tie It Together With a Theme

Picking a theme will unify your party. Other decisions can flow from that focal point, making your job easier. Choose an idea that highlights one of your home’s special features. In summer, you might plan an outside gathering to show off your new garden or deck. Or in colder months, you could consider staging your party in the family room or great room and offer drinks around the fireplace, or serve a buffet to spotlight a new formal dining space.  

Select the Lucky Guests

It’s tempting to want to invite a crowd, but go easy on your beautiful new space and limit attendance to the number of guests your home can easily accommodate. People should be able to mix and mingle without bumping into each other or the furniture. An open house, where guests can come and go between defined hours, allows for greater participation as arrivals will be staggered. 

Your home is the main attraction

Send invitations three weeks to one month in advance. Be sure to include your complete address, parking information, and a phone number.

Forget the Balloons and Streamers

Don’t worry about fancy decorations. Your home is the main attraction. It should be spotless and shining. Fresh flowers or candles, in the evening, are a nice touch. And don’t forget to place that special reading pillow where people will be sure to admire it.

Simplify the Munchies

Finger food, small sandwiches, and mini pastries are easy items for guests to handle as they mingle and explore your home. Consider making a punch or a signature beverage that guests can serve themselves to avoid the need for a bartender. 

Rock the Tour

The tour is definitely the big event. As the guide, you’ll be more engaging if you plan the route and your commentary in advance. You don’t need to memorize a speech. But keep in mind the features you’d like to highlight and what your guest will find interesting about your experience. Everyone has a unique home search story. Be sure to share yours. 

Pass a Good Idea Along

The next time you’re invited to a housewarming, you’ll have the perfect gift idea. Just make sure the new homeowner doesn’t beat you to it!

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