Suffering from back pain? Bring Home a Husband Pillow Today!

by Cybergineer Solutions Οκτώβριος 12, 2020

Suffering from back pain? Husband Pillow is undoubtedly the best choice!

No matter what type of pain you are dealing with, the husband pillow makes an excellent option for those suffering from intermittent, chronic, or acute back pain

One of the primary reasons behind disability, back pain affects millions of people around the globe every year. Most people reported that they have suffered from pain in the back at least one time in their entire lives. However, contrary to what people think, back pain can be easily managed by adopting measures that can either relieve or prevent pain. For instance, you can use a pillow for back pain or make other lifestyle and behavioral changes. However, usually, all back pain treatments require you to relax or take rest, and it is only rare that you would need any surgery. 

Before we dig deeper into how to manage back pain, it is crucial to understand the signs & symptoms that one experiences during back pain. These can vary from normal muscle aches to stabbing as well as shooting pain, or pain which spreads to your legs. Some back pain becomes worse while bending, standing, walking, or lifting, and in order to reduce this type of pain, you can consider sitting back or reclining. 

Unfortunately, most of the individuals suffer from pain in the back for several years, and they approach a doctor only after it becomes worse or difficult to bear. Often, when the pain starts hindering their lives, like when it begins to affect their work, mood, or relationships. However, doctors suggest that if your back pain troubles you for over a couple of weeks, then you should meet a doctor for appropriate treatment. Back pain can indicate a major health problem, like when it is accompanied by bowel or bladder issues, fever, or in cases where one experiences pain right after an accident, injury, or fall. 

In case the pain in your back has been bothering you for over a couple of weeks and when it does not improve after rest, or when the pain spreads to your legs, especially below your knee, or if you are experiencing weight loss due to no specific reason, you must seek medical guidance. Even when you have never experienced back pain in your life, any new pain in the back after the age of 50 could indicate that you may be suffering from osteoporosis or even more severe disease. What this also implies is that even if you use the best pillow for lower back pain, then you won't experience any relief from your pain. 

Back Pain: Types & More 

One of the most common types of back pain is the acute one. When one is suffering from Acute pain in the back it is most likely that it won't last any more than 6 weeks. This type of pain is usually caused as a result of heavy lifting or a fall. In case you or any of your loved ones perform the duty of a laborer, or if their concept of a good job is working for several hours, then this back pain can be caused due to over-exertion. The good news is that such pain is usually temporary, though you may end up re-aggravating the same spot or injury either due to bad posture or form while working. 

Unlike Acute Pain, Chronic pain is the type of pain that lasts more than 3 months. It is much common when compared to acute pain in the back. While, most of the people know the exact cause of their pain, either because of their deduction or because of the suggestions from their doctor, others are unable to single out any specific reason for back pain. If you are experiencing any of these signs & symptoms, then you should consult a doctor. 

These include: 

Ligament and Muscle Strain:This is caused as a result of heavy lifting or due to sudden movements which can result in painful spasms of the muscle.  

Bulging and/or Rupture of the Disk:These function as cushions between the bones in your spine as well as can aggravate the nearby nerves.

Arthritis:This causes the areas around your spinal cord to narrow down.

Scoliosis:This is essentially curving of your spine which results in back pain, especially during middle age. 

Osteoporosis:When the bones in your body breakdown, leaving them brittle, porous, as well as prone to fractures.

While it may sound impractical or difficult to be true, the best pillow for back pain can work wonders for you. Even the standard pillow is useful when it comes to treating back pain. Thus, if required you can use the standard pillows on your couch or bed to deal with your back pain. But, remember the right back pain pillow offers the right amount of support and comfort exactly where you require it. Whether you're lounging and watching a movie or TV show or even if you are recovering in your bed using a pillow for back pain is the right thing to do. 

For chronic and severe cases, you will most likely require a special pillow to ease the pain. This type of pillow takes your discomfort or injury into consideration, enabling you to enjoy complete rest and allowing you to recuperate. Whether you are suffering from lack of sleep due to back pain or even if you are not getting enough comfort which in turn is aggravating the back pain, a good pillow can also help you to reduce heartburn and get rid of sleep apnea as well as snoring. Besides, the pillow will also prove useful in improving your posture while sleeping, allowing you to enjoy sound sleep while getting rid of your back pain completely. 

Types of Pillows for Back Pain

There are different types of back pain pillows available in the market. For instance, a basic pillow with memory foam is contoured to offer maximum support to your neck while sleeping. Also, the memory foam offers an increased amount of support and breathability than the usual head pillow. Besides, owing to their small size and lightweight, you can easily carry the memory foam back pain pillow to enjoy a nap or in the hotel room or when you are planning to stay with your relatives. However, not every memory foam pillow is the same, and so it is important to conduct extensive research before you purchase one. 

In case you are suffering from a much severe pain which can only be relieved with an incline then consider using a large wedge pillow to get rid of the back pain. Crafted to alleviate sleep apnea symptoms, and to reduce chronic snoring as well as acid reflux aside to minimizing your pain, wedge pillows feature solid and supportive blocks along with memory foam that helps to align your neck and head. This helps to keep the back stable while also optimizing circulation in your entire body. With an attached soft headrest, wedge pillows are also ideal for use and recovery after surgery. However, their cumbersome and large design doesn't make them the right choice for people who use shared beds. Also, the angle of these pillows sit awkwardly, neither quite up nor quite back, reminding you of uncomfortable hospital beds. 

The smaller size of the large wedge pillow lifts from the chest up, offering a much reasonable and portable wedge that doesn't occupy the entire bed. Useful in targeting sleep ailments and sleep apnea, a smaller wedge pillow consists of the usual memory foam layer as the large wedge pillow. Though it helps in optimizing the placement of your neck, upper back as well as head, whereas its impact on your back is limited. 

For increased lumbar support while relaxing or sleeping, you can use different lumbar support providing a pillow underneath your lower back. This provides a better natural sleep position that further helps to alleviate the back pain. Made up of soft or tender memory foam, lumbar support pillows help to reduce pain in the lower back area, and can easily be customized using inserts which optimize the pillows to match your exact requirements. Harder, as well as higher therapeutic support providing pillows featuring pronounced arches, help to stretch your lower back, as well as can also be utilized on your floor, or bed, or couch. These pillows help to alleviate stiffness as well as pain related to spinal stenosis and also add quick stretch to your routine, thus relieving you of your pain. 

When battling with sciatica and knee pain, or lower back pain that spreads through your hips and goes down the legs, the best back pain pillow that you can consider using is the knee pillow. Knee pillows help to correct your sleeping posture and also help you to promote spine alignment when place between your legs, knees, or even thighs. It gently aligns your spine while sleeping and also helps to improve circulation. This, in turn, helps to boost energy levels while providing you with some extra support that you may require to make it through the entire day. 

Why Husband Pillow is the Best Pillow for Relieving Back Pain?

If you don't prefer having too many and bulky pillows on your bed, then Husband Pillows are the right choice. Whether you require pillows for your back pain or even if you prefer using a more supportive and comfortable pillow that will help you in sitting up on the bed, while also reclining the back as and when required, then a Husband Pillow will meet your need. It combines the best features of all the pillows mentioned above i.e. right from the comfortable and soft memory foam to support for your back, neck, head, and shoulders, Husband Pillows make the perfect option for those suffering from back pain problems. 

It is bigger when compared to most of the bed rest sleeping pillows. A Husband Pillow is 31 inches tall as well as equally wide and thus whether you choose to sit down for a couple of minutes or many hours, your upper body shall get enough support from this comfortable yet strong pillow. It features a neck bolster which can be easily removed as well as put under your lower back or knees or even feet. Husband Pillows are easy to adapt and offer excellent comfort, difficult to find elsewhere. They also come with numerous convenient pockets as well as trusty handles that offer one-handed transportation. This pillow can be easily carried to your couch, bed, or even on the floor without you having to lose any of the items like tablets or phones. 

Available in over 20 colors, a Husband Pillow comes with shredded, soft memory foam that won't clump or bind. Besides an easy to access, inner-shell zip allows one to remove or add memory foam as per the required firmness. Even when you require additional foam, we shall ship it to you free of cost. But you shouldn't forget about the exterior portion of a Husband Pillow that features a reversible and incredibly tender suede leather, which makes it easy to remove and wash. 

So, if you have suffered from excessive back pain of late, you should bring home the Husband Pillow to get rid of your back pain. It is affordable and comes with additional features like free return and shipping, thanks to the 100-day warranty. If you feel that the pillow fails to meet your requirements, then return the same and no questions will ever be asked. We will refund the entire money along with the shipping cost. 

From our Husband Pillows to the premium quality aspen series, Husband Pillows are perfect for almost anyone dealing with back pain. Grab a Husband Pillow ( Now!

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