How a Quality Nursing Pillow Can Upgrade the Way You Parent

by Cybergineer Solutions Οκτώβριος 12, 2020

While nursing your baby is an experience to treasure, it can be cumbersome on the body. Trying to feed your child without a baby nursing pillow can put a severe strain on your lower back. Nursing can also lead to a sore arm, stiff neck, and other issues. To learn more about the different types and causes of back pain, check out this article.  

The act of nursing can be hard on your baby, too. Without the support of a proper nursing pillow, your baby can suffer from painful acid reflux. They can also get a sore neck and back if they aren't in the appropriate position. 

So how can you nurse your child pain-free? With the aid of the best nursing pillows on the market, of course! Specifically, our Husband Pillow is excellent for nursing babies and many other functions. Check out this in-depth list to see a breakdown of all the fantastic uses for the Husband Pillow! 

The Main Benefits of Using a Nursing Pillow 

If you've got a baby at home, a quality nursing pillow is a must. Did you know that getting backaches while sleeping is the #1 problem for pregnant women? These aches get worse into the last trimester and during the early stages of parenthood. A quality nursing/bedrest pillow will support your back for optimal comfort. You should use one while nursing and sitting in bed for the best results. Check out this article to learn more about the importance of pillows for bed rest.

Also, nursing involves many middle-of-the-night feedings. These abrupt awakenings are very hard on the body. By using a nursing pillow, you can alleviate the strain this puts on your back and neck. Let's take a look at the top benefits that you'll get out of using the Husband Pillow for nursing:

-It helps your baby latch on with ease. Ensuring a good latch is all about proper position. With the Husband Pillow, you'll always be in the optimal position for breastfeeding. 

-It will prevent and provide relief from acid reflux. Many babies suffer from bad acid reflux and get very cranky. The Husband Pillow makes sure your baby's head stays elevated in the proper position. This will provide relief from painful reflux so your baby can relax. 

-It makes bottle-feeding a breeze. Thanks to the support of the Husband Pillow, your baby's head will stay in the perfect position. That way, you can bottle-feed without any issues! 

-It has continued uses as they get bigger. Beyond the initial nursing phase, you'll still find a ton of applications for the Husband Pillow! Once your baby starts moving around, you can use the pillow to help them sit up and stay comfortable. 

-It takes all the stress out of late-night feedings. Waking up in the middle of the night isn't so bad if you have a comfy backrest pillow! The Husband Pillow is so plush and comfortable that you won't want to go back to bed! 

As you can see, there are a ton of benefits to getting a baby nursing pillow. If you're serious about upgrading the way that you parent, the Husband Pillow is a must. It'll have continued uses well beyond the infancy phase!

Now that you know some benefits of the Husband Pillow let's take an in-depth look at its features. It's by far the best nursing pillow on the market, so you don't want to miss out! 

The Incredible Husband Pillow 

The Husband Pillow features a standard and Aspen edition. For this analysis, we'll be looking at the standard version. You can find the Aspen edition details by following this link

So what is the Husband Pillow exactly? Well, it's a sit-up bed rest pillow with outstretched arms at the bottom. There are two sizes available, a Medium and an XXL. Medium is best for teens, kids, and small adults. For full-sized adults, the XXL is the way to go. 

For the XXL, the Husband Pillow stands at an impressive 31 inches tall and 33-39 inches wide. Its size can comfortably accommodate even the largest of adults. Its width ensures total back comfort. Also, its detachable neck roll on bungee provides optimal neck support. The neck roll is also adjustable for your convenience. That way, you can lower it or raise it until it's perfect for you!

The Husband Pillow is also by far the most massive bedrest pillow on the market. That's one of the reasons why it's so comfortable. You'll also love the hip support you'll get from its outstretched arms! 

Essential Features 

-Premium shredded memory foam that will adapt to your body shape for total comfort. This material truly feels heavenly in a way that you have to experience to believe!

-Removable covers and a zipper on the shell. The zipper allows you direct access to the foam. That way, you can adjust it or add/take away to get a perfect balance! 

-Back and side pockets for storage. The Husband Pillow features both a back and a side pocket! Here, you can store anything you'd like. Magazines, smartphones, or a bottle to make nursing easier! You can also store the detachable neck roll in the back pocket to make sure it's safe and sound. 

-Easy portability. You'll notice there's a built-in handle at the top of the Husband Pillow. That way, you can easily carry it wherever you go! Also, you can detach and store the neck pillow in the back to make it even easier to carry. 

-Sixteen gorgeous colors. These include:

-Dark gray


-Dark blue 



-Carolina blue

-Light purple

-Sky blue





-Dark green

-Desert sage

-Light gray


-You get guaranteed same-day shipping that's 100% free! When you order from our website, you enjoy lightning-fast shipping times. There's no better way to order our product! 

-Affordable prices. Given the remarkable quality of our product, $84.95 is a steal for the standard XXL edition! That includes free same-day shipping! Not only that, but you save a full 15% by ordering through our website. The Medium size is also affordable at $69.95! For that size, you save a complete 22% by using our site! 

-Rave reviews. Curious what others think about the Husband Pillow? Then check out our pages' worth of glowing five-star reviews! Don't wait to become one of our highly satisfied customers today. 

So there's a breakdown of the incredible features of the Husband Pillow. You simply won't find a more giant, more comfortable, or more affordable backrest pillow! We're so confident in the quality of our product that we offer a full 100-day money-back guarantee! If you find any issues with your pillow, you can turn it in for a complete refund. Also, every Husband Pillow comes with a 3-year warranty. 

By now, you should be knowledgeable about all that the Husband Pillow can do. Since you know the Husband Pillow is the best nursing pillow on the market, let's take one final look at how using it can upgrade your parenting skills! 

Using the Husband Pillow to Improve Your Parenting

So you just got your brand-new standard XXL Husband Pillow, and you can't wait to use it. Let's see how you can use it to your advantage when raising children. To see a full breakdown of all the reasons you should get a back pillow, see this top 5 list. For this, we'll focus only on the ways the Husband Pillow can improve parenting. 

-Back and neck support when nursing/feeding. As previously mentioned, the Husband Pillow will keep both you and your baby in total comfort. The back and side pockets also offer storage for bottles and other accessories. It's a large pillow, so partners can trade nursing duties without sacrificing comfort. 

-Reading to your child. Your kids will love snuggling up with you on the pillow so you can read their favorite stories! The arms and neck support will make sure nothing aches while enjoying storytime! 

-Helping your child sit up. Once they get a little older, you can use the Husband Pillow to help them learn to sit up straight! This will help them develop proper posture. 

-Playing games/watching movies. Are your young children avid video gamers? Then make sure they have a Medium-sized Husband Pillow to stay pain-free while gaming! They can also store their headphones and gaming magazines in the storage pockets. 

-Staying still during feeding time. Your kids will love leaning against the Husband Pillow while enjoying snack time. They'll stay comfy in one spot, so they don't make a mess! 

As you can see, there's a myriad of uses for the Husband Pillow when raising children. If you want back and neck support while nursing your baby, the Husband Pillow is a must. It's affordable, comfortable, convenient, and we guarantee your satisfaction. Also, you can use the Husband Pillow for all sorts of activities. Once your children are grown, you can use it as a reading/gaming/TV pillow! It's also wonderful to use while recovering from surgery. Don't wait to order yours today from our website to enjoy a discount and free same-day shipping!

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