50th Birthdays Demand Special Gifts—The Husband Pillow Fills the Bill

by Cybergineer Solutions Ιανουάριος 19, 2021

The Sultan of Brunei marked his 50th birthday on July 13, 1996 with a lavish party at a price tag of $27.2 million. That’s what we call a celebration. The event featured a polo match, oodles of caviar, buckets of champagne, and Michael Jackson. If you’re looking to honor your special sultan or sultana with a spectacular but slightly more low-key day, we have a great suggestion. A big milestone like the half-century calls for an equally hefty gift. Our Husband Pillow fits that requirement to a tee. 

The Husband Pillow is an eye-popping choice for a birthday surprise. It’s a scrumptious backrest pillow with arms that will surround the birthday boy or girl in comfort throughout their big year and beyond. There’s a variation to suit every personality and décor. Button-down types will love our Traditional Line, divas will swoon over the fabulous Faux Fur Collection, and the Aspen Edition is perfect for outdoor lovers or more sporty individuals. If your special 50-year-old prefers things on a smaller scale, there’s also a petite version.

Each style comes in an array of vibrant colors. The Aspen and Faux Fur Lines feature reversible covers that can easily be switched from sleek to snuggly. Tuck an additional small remembrance into one of the three generous pockets (one for each arm and one in the back), and you’ll be the hero of the day. There’s even a detachable bolster that doubles as a footrest and a convenient handle. Better still, if the guest of honor doesn’t think the new pillow is quite fluffy enough, simply open the secret zipper to add more cushy memory foam

A birthday is just that, one day, 24 hours. Why not also give your special someone a card that highlights several great ways to use their pillow and celebrate this important benchmark throughout the entire year. Here are a few recommendations.

Join a Book Club

The perfect reading pillow makes it so easy to curl up with an engrossing story. Book clubs can serve the dual purpose of helping readers to find great mysteries, novels, and biographies and make a few new friends at the same time. 

Bookstores and libraries are happy to assist in finding local groups. There are also plenty of online organizations, boasting thousands of participants. Oprah’s Book Club is among the most famous. Readers who want to communicate with like-minded people can find almost any demographic or cultural niche. So, here’s to a year of great armchair adventures for your favorite 50-year-old.

It's never too late to learn a language

Learn a New Language

It’s never too late to expand personal horizons by learning a new language. These days you can become an expert at any tongue from Spanish to Serbian and beyond without ever leaving home. And with a shredded memory foam back rest pillow that’s as soft as it is supportive, there will be no worries about sore muscles from hunching over a computer. The husband pillow makes studying as comfortable as snoozing. Plus, those big pockets hold glasses, a snack, note pads, and pencils. We see a trip to Cancun, Paris, or Munich in someone’s future.

Discover a Fascinating Hobby

There are so many reasons to have a hobby. Hobbies are a great way to use time productively, become a more accomplished person, develop an interest to share with others, and sometimes even, make a little money. Let us suggest a few activities that will put that new back support pillow to use.

Knit One Purl Two

How many pastimes combine chilling with productivity? Knitting ranks high on the list of ways to multitask and relax simultaneously. As you stitch away frazzled nerves, a new scarf, hat, or sweater is under construction. With elbows resting on the Husband Pillow’s ample arms, working into the night is no problem at all. Your handmade items can be thoughtful gifts that friends and relatives will cherish. Just keep in mind that family members may want first dibs on all the woolly goodies.

Unlock Sudoku and Crosswords

Exercise your brain while you recline in comfort. It’s never too early to start working on staying sharp. Several research studies show that Sudoku improves memory, logic, and overall brain function. It’s easy to launch a Sudoku habit. No special equipment is needed, except perhaps that cozy Husband Pillow. Many Sudoku puzzles are available for free online. If you’re clever enough to rise through the ranks, there’s big prize money to be won! 

For 50-year-olds who want to sound as smart as they are, crossword puzzles can help make big leaps in word power. Solving crosswords in groups is a fun game the entire family can enjoy. But only one lucky person will be sitting pretty in the Husband Pillow.

Make a Scale Model

Make sure you have room to display your collection.

Create anything from race cars to aircraft carriers in miniature, all from the comfort of your new back pillow. Scale models are copies that maintain the proportions of the original object. Model making is another hobby that enhances brain function and has the bonus of also strengthening hand-eye coordination. Kits for almost anything you can dream of are available online and at hobby shops. There’s only one drawback. This is a craft that tends to take up space. Before you get started, make sure that you’ve got room to display the fabulous collections you’ll create. 

Redecorate a Room

A change of scene is an exciting way to begin the next half-century. Our stylish back rest pillow with arms is all the inspiration anyone needs to give a tired decorating scheme a makeover. Pair the Husband Pillow with matching bedding, an area rug, and drapes for an easy update. Or go a step further, and add a fresh coat of paint to create a whole new environment. 

 Welcome Adventure

We hope that our Husband Pillow will open the doors to new interests and skills for lucky moms, dads, uncles, aunts, and friends who are celebrating their fiftieth turn around the sun. There’s so much to be discovered. Don’t wait, give your special someone the gift of adventure today!

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