Do You Need a Back Pillow? The Top 5 Reasons to Get a Back Pillow Today

by Vita Brown juli 06, 2020

Have you ever engaged in an activity that requires constant adjusting in order to stay comfortable? Are there parts of your daily life that require extra comfort for long periods of time? The Husband Pillow back pillow is a fantastic invention that has made getting comfortable easy again, and there are many different ways that this new pillow can be used to make the lives of you and your family easier.

Best Back Pillow | Husband Pillow

There are TONS of uses for a quality, comfortable back pillow. Anyone who has one is finding new uses for it all the time! Whether you fit one of these most common situations, or you’re looking for the perfect gift for really anyone, theHusband Pillow back pillow has got you covered!

Here are some of the best uses for a back pillow that everyone will love. We’re sure you can come up with others!

#1. Readers

Best Reading Pillow | Back Pillow | Husband Pillow

Reading in bed can be one of the most pleasurable experiences, wrapped up tight in warm blankets and tucked in for the night with nothing to worry about other than the story woes of the characters in your book. But it can also be a pain: reading on one side means you have to keep moving the book; holding the book above you tires your arms; reading on a lighter device, such as a tablet or a phone lowers its battery and then you have to get out of bed to plug it in just when you were getting comfortable.

The Husband Pillow back pillow allows you to be wrapped in your favorite comforter or duvet and sit or lounge in bed, with armrests to help your tired arms at the end of a long day. The Husband Pillow gives great back support, neck support, and makes reading something you could do all night long--if you didn’t have to get up in the morning. Lose yourself in your favorite thriller, mystery or romance--or invite the kids up to snuggle with you and read them a bedtime story.

Plus, there’s a pocket in the Husband Pillow where you can stash an extra book!

#2. Recovering Patients

Surgery is the worst. Even breaking a bone is bad. And whether you’ve fallen off a ladder, gotten in a car accident, torn your ACL, or are battling with an illness, bed rest is nowhere you want to spend a lot of time. You spend most of it staring at the ceiling, finding shapes in the random patterns in the paint, or counting the holes in acoustic tile. But with a quality bed rest pillow, you can be up and comfortable without sacrificing any of your recovery.

The Husband Pillowback pillow helps you sit with good back, neck, and arm support. Stretch out those legs, and you’ve got a perfect rest to hold up your entire body, like you’re floating on a cloud. If you have a full leg cast, you’re all set with the Husband Pillow. If you’ve hurt your back, you’ll get great support.

And don’t get us started on if you’re recovering from the flu or some other virus. Sitting up helps you breathe better, giving you a better night’s sleep, and you also are able to eat without spilling all over your blankets. There’s nothing better when recovering than when your loved one brings you hot chicken noodle soup, but sometimes you feel so drained you can barely hold it. That’s where the armrests come in. Eat in your fatigued state all without having to struggle to hold your food and raise your arms. You can convalesce in comfort.

#3. Seniors

As we age our bodies just don’t have the energy or the flexibility that they used to. Joints ache, muscles struggle--and beds, couches, and chairs just aren’t as comfortable as they once were. With a quality back pillow you can relax in bed without feeling confined as an invalid. You’re sitting up, making it easier to swing your legs over the side of the bed to go to the bathroom or answer the front door, and while you’re in bed you don’t have to feel like you’re in a dreary world where the only thing visible is the ceiling.

From yourHusband Pillow you can watch television, read a book, knit or crochet, do arts and crafts--maybe draw or write letters in a notepad. And when your children and grandchildren come to visit you don’t have to feel like you’re the odd one out. You’re sitting up and part of the event. It makes conversation easier, engaging with your little grandkids as they come up to the bed to see you--and maybe climb up and snuggle. This makes Husband Pillow the perfect pillow for back pain.

#4. Nursing/Feeding the Baby

Every parent knows the exhaustion of constant middle-of-the-night feedings. For nursing mothers, it seems like you never get a break--it’s every two hours, and just when you get to sleep they’re up again wanting more milk. It’s easy to get worn out and frustrated.

But with a back pillow, you can sit up in comfort, resting your arm on the armrest and cradling your little one while they eat.

And now is when the Husband Pillow really becomes the *Husband* Pillow. Give him a turn with pumped milk or formula and let yourself get a good night’s rest lying down while he sits up in his own back pillow and feeds the baby--it’s his baby, too! Time to share the load, and what better way to do it than in a comfortable pillow that supports the neck, back, and arms.

#5. Gamers

Gaming Back Pillow | Husband Pillow

Maybe you’re not stuck in bed--maybe you just really love curling up on your mattress and playing on your console watching the TV at the foot of the bed. Odds are you’ve tried to get the pillows and blankets exactly where you wanted them to get poised for some action-packed fun, but pillows and blankets are never quite right and you have to keep adjusting them to get exactly what you want. Well worry no more--the Husband Pillow is here to help you reach the final level and beat the boss, or crush your friends on an online game.

What if you’re not a console gamer, though? Well the Husband Pillow is perfectly suited to propping up a laptop as you lean back and relax working your way through a PC game. Keep a snack stored in the armrest pocket in case you need something to munch on, and you’ll never need to leave your bedroom again.

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Vita Brown
Vita Brown