Husband Pillow

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Husband Pillow

Husband Pillow Medium Cover Only - Ultra Rare Baby Amber Fox Backrest Cover Set, 2-Tone Reversible Double Sided Fabulous Faux Fur Reading & Bed Rest

Medium Accessories for Husband Pillow Faux Fur, Stuffing, Covers, Fiber Shells

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Husband Pillow Medium Cover Only - Ultra Rare Baby Amber Fox Backrest Cover Set, 2-Tone Reversible Double Sided Fabulous Faux Fur Reading & Bed Rest

Medium Accessories for Husband Pillow Faux Fur, Stuffing, Covers, Fiber Shells


  • Cover Set Ultra Rare 2-TONE PELT BEDREST PILLOWCASE… DOUBLE SIDED & REVERSIBLE: Make a statement. The Baby soft fabulous faux fur pelt covers put the wow factor in any room. Truly showstoppers. The baby fake fur backrest covers is mind-blowingly comfortable. We think this limited-time faux fur style is the perfect partner for our biggest and coziest Husband Pillow lovers and we believe its softer and cuddlier than the real thing.
  • ALL THE AMENITIES YOU EXPECT FROM Husband Pillow PRODUCTS: We are always looking to give our customers little extras to make them smile. That’s why our faux fur pillowcase includes ample side and back pockets big enough to hold everything you need for an afternoon retreat into comfort or an evening snuggle, a handle to easily move your pillow from the family room to the bedroom, and, of course, our secret zipper to add or remove fill for ideal comfort.
  • DELICIOUSLY SOFT, DISARMINGLY ELEGANT: The faux fur makes Husband Pillow as comforting and snuggly as humanly possible, compete with this wild elegant beauty. you will love the way the tones give any space a touch of 5-star luxury. And it’s reversible. You choose from the casual short hair look & softness of angora rabbit or the sleek texture of rare baby cub. Our Faux Fur line respects the beauty of these amazing creatures while protecting the natural world.
  • GIVE THE GIFT OF INDULGENCE: Faux fur makes an impressive gift. Pair this cover with a medium husband pillow to give your favorite bride and groom, birthday girl or graduate an awesome surprise. The best gifts are the ones that become household favorites, those items that bring joy and comfort every single day. We bet that our faux fur pillow cover easily makes that discerning list. It’s one of those special possessions that just makes life a little better.
  • MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The superior quality and workmanship of the Fabulous Faux Fur Medium Husband Pillow cover is backed by our 100-day, 100% money-back guarantee (for any reason) PLUS a 3-year warranty

Our Brand:

Husband Pillow provides the highest quality merchandise and unparalleled service. Our bedding accessories come to you backed by decades of experience in the marketplace and product development. We are committed to beautifying your home and keeping every single customer, healthy, and satisfied.

Step Up to Faux Fur

We love our Aspen Edition and our traditional husband pillow covers, but the Fab Faux Fur line is so unique that we hope all of our customers have the opportunity to experience this unparalleled luxury. These stunning covers will give your home an instant makeover. It’s amazing how fur changes the ambiance from ordinary to exceptional. Plus, we give you two styles to choose from. This cover reverses from shaggy snuggles to sleek softness in an instant. There’s so much variety it would be hard to grow bored with our faux fur style. But in case you need a change, remember all the other looks and colors we give you to choose from.

The Man Cave Never Looked So Good

Is there a man cave in your house? Could it use a little TLC? Guys, you might not think you need a big cozy pillow with a Fab Faux Fur cover but trust us. This pillow and its amazing cover are going to change your life. Reading, watching TV, gaming or listening to your favorite tunes all can be so much better when your sitting in the coziest seat in the house. But watch out, you might not have that special hideout all to yourself once everyone discovers just how comfy a pillow can be. There’s an obvious solution to the problem. Treat your peeps right and buy everyone a fur baby of their very own.

As Sturdy as It Is Elegant

Use our Fab Faux Fur pillow cover as much as you like. This stunning accessory will keep its good looks despite all the hours you enjoy its comfort. Our pillows are designed to be loved. We use quality materials that won’t frizz, snag or pill. Special attention is paid to pockets, seams, handle and zipper to ensure that everything is firmly attached and functions perfectly.

Product Info

  • Size:  Med 24" Tall
  • Height:  24
  • Length:  8
  • Width:  13
  • Weight:  5
  • UPC:  632726097240
  • Brand:  Husband Pillow
  • Manufacturer:  Hit Notion
  • retail price:  $325.95 $229.95
  • SKU:  MINICOV-FFUR-Amber-Fox

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