Founder Story

by Vita Brown ספטמבר 19, 2023

My name is Jason Berke, and I am the Better Pillow Guy. I’ve been on a mission for over 20 years to improve sleep, comfort, relaxation and create smiles . Do you remember when you where a kid and you were so tired and when you jump into a bed and just started giggling;  this feel i am seeking to bring into the world 

You may have seen one some of my products before.I am over the moon about our newest innovation, The Wife Pillow—the first total arm and body pillow. With its array of customizable configurations and accessory options, it conforms to your unique body and sleep style. The Wife Pillow will beis your lifelong companion for great sleep every night, or we will take it back free of charge.

The Wife Pillow is a revolution in sleep mechanics. The patented arm tunnel system allows you to place your arms in any position as you sleep, helping you achieve optimal alignment and comfort in any position: Stomach sleepers, back sleepers, hip sleepers, and side sleepers can all achieve a perfect night’s sleep thanks to our intuitive design. No more numb arms and stiffness! 

This multifaceted pillow is totally customizable. Let me show you. Access zippers on the pillow top as well as each of the 4 pillars on the bottom of the pillow. Simply unzip to customize the height and support of the Wife Pillow. Insert different toppers above… or add and remove stuffing below. Extra stuffing and insert materials are included with purchase. You can further customize The Wife Pillow with additional inserts and toppers sold separately, including a contouring memory foam topper, a cooling gel foam insert, and more.

The Wife Pillow is available in different fills,  with either luxurious down or fiberfill down alternative, and soon shredded memory foam or cooling memory foam —you choose your filling. For all our filling we use the highest quality with certifications on all. For example, our feathers we use the same ultra-plush stuffing as 5-star hotels and resorts for a blissfully soft skin feel when you hit the pillow supportive comfort all night. The Wife Pillow is absolutely the most comfortable pillow you will ever own.   

Stop tossing and turning and cycling through different pillows in search of a comfortable sleep position. With The Wife Pillow, you can shape your perfect night’s sleep by customizing your pillow’s height, firmness, and angle to your sleeping needs.

We have spent countless hours perfecting this body and arm pillow system, and we are 100% confident that The Wife Pillow is the most versatile, comfortable, and supportive pillow ever made. We’re SO confident that we are offering a 101-day, 100% money-back guarantee PLUS free shipping both ways. Wife Pillow is going to change the way you sleep forever. Pre-order now to experience better sleep, every night, in any position. 

Vita Brown
Vita Brown