Michigan's Hit Notion unveils multi-position sleep pillow review

by Jason Berke נובמבר 24, 2023

multi-position sleep pillow review

Sometimes regular pillows don’t fit the way we sleep, especially if you change positions a lot at night or sleep in different ways. It can be hard to find a pillow that feels just right. Think about how you sleep—do you switch between sleeping on your side, back, or stomach? Regular pillows might not give you the support you need; it’s like trying to fit into shoes that are too small or too big—not very comfy!

But guess what? Hit Notion, a Michigan-based company, unveils their new pillow called the Wife Pillow. It is a multi-sleep position pillow! It’s made to fit all kinds of sleepers, no matter how you like to sleep. Whether you’re a side sleeper, back sleeper, or move around a lot, this pillow is designed to make sure you feel super comfy and get the rest you need. It’s like having a pillow made just for you!

Founder Jason Berke says the Wife Pillow is not your regular pillow. If you like sleeping with your arm under the pillow or hugging a pillow, the Wife Pillow is perfect for you."

The Wife Pillow is the world’s first total arm and body positioning bed pillow that provides perfect comfort. The pillow allows your arm movements while you switch into different comfortable positions throughout the night, and what’s really cool about this pillow is that it has

Pillow for all types of sleeper


· U-shaped design for neck support

· Customizable Height and Comfort Level

· Arm-Friendly Channels

· Premium Fabric and Plush Material

You can easily adjust the pillow to meet your personal, unique needs. Head, shoulder, and body alignment will be bliss as you can adjust the height of your pillow for proper support. The ergonomic head and neck U-shaped groove provide shoulder and body alignment, allowing you to place your arms where you want. Extra stuffing is included. Five zippers provide access points, allowing you to adapt the pillow’s height, support, pitch, and comfort to your optimal preference.

As part of the launch, I had the opportunity to experience the Wife Pillow firsthand. The adaptability and comfort it offers truly impressed me. The fully adjustable design allowed me to customize the pillow to my liking, providing a personalized and restful sleep experience.

The Wife Pillow is now available for purchase, and Hit Notion offers a satisfaction guarantee. Customers can try the pillow risk-free and discover the unparalleled comfort and versatility it brings to their sleep routine.

Hit Notion continues its commitment to redefining the sleep experience with the Wife Pillow, providing a solution that goes beyond the conventional, offering comfort, support, and adaptability for all sleepers.

Jason Berke
Jason Berke