Why Us?

We believe in better tomorrows, and that starts with being responsible today. Our business is driven by our being 100% customer centric. In order to achieve this, we strive to create a positive experience for our customers and to build lasting relationships by listening to our buyers and anticipating their needs and wants in the products we offer. Our specialty is in comfort and our mission is to bring great products to consumers. We stand behind our products by offering perks such as our 101-day return guarantee and the ability to upgrade your husband pillow by choosing from the many covers we have available. We have extra foam available for our entire product line, and should you find your pillow needs more “oomph”, just let us know! With that said, if you ever have a problem, text SOS to 313-307-4720 and we will respond right away…7 days a week…24 hours a day…365 a year. We arethatserious about customer service!

The things we do today inevitably affect our tomorrows. By purchasing your husband pillow from us, you also give back to help the environment! We staunchly support the efforts of Dutchman Boyan Slat’s organization,The Ocean Cleanup, by donating a portion of our sales to his noble cause in helping to rid our precious oceans and seas of plastic pollution.

We’re proud of our entire Husband Pillow Line! In addition to our original husband pillow with its single-sided soft velour cover which is available in 16 different colors, we also offer ourCowboy Aspen Husband Pillow, with its double-sided cover available in 9 different colors, as well as our latest design, theFabulous Faux Fur Husband Pillow. Although we are against the inhumane treatment of animals, we want to offer our customers the luxury of an exotic fur pillow at reasonable cost.As a result, our fabulous faux fur husband pillow gives you the best of both worlds—the soft, silky feel of real fur without harming innocent animals.