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We Know You Are Going to Fall in Love With the Wife Pillow.

Once you slept and adpated the pillow,all we request us for to interact with our brand.


Do One or Do All

Option A. Complete a Product Review.

Review your Wife Pillow here on our website and upload pictures & when we launch on Amazon. Buy a cover for 50% (coupon being sent) and post the same review on Amazon.

Option B. Create a User Generated Video.

  • 1. Upload a 3 sec, 10 sec or 1 min+ of your choice so we can use on our TikTok account (LINK) or social media account
  • AND/OR
  • 2. Snap ads upload to your social media account and let us ren ads to it. (send us a link to your account)

Option C. Come Make Money With Us.

We allow for affiliate link so you get a 15% commission on something you love. Here are our two different affiliate programs:

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Comeback After you received to interect with our brand

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Option A.   Write a Product Review.
Option B.  Make a Short Video.
thumb-up-glyph Option C.  Make Money Promoting Wife Pillow.