Send email campaigns inside Gmail

GMass is one of the most popular cold email platforms worldwide — but the email uses for GMass don’t stop there. Not even close. We built GMass to be a versatile, malleable email platform for everyone — and, well, everyone has responded. Sometimes in ways we never even imagined.

How Businesses Are Using GMass

If your business uses Google Workspace (or Gmail), you can use GMass for everything from one-off messages to personalized mass email blasts.

Here’s how people in different industries are using GMass for B2B emails, reaching out to new prospects, internal communications, sending newsletters, and more.

Why GMass is great for beat makers

On top of GMass’s features like integrating with Google Sheets, automated follow-ups, and recurring campaigns, there are also special features built specifically for people selling their beats. When we started noticing beat makers were gravitating toward GMass, we reached out to ask what features could make GMass better.
The most popular request was a way to track who was listening to the beats attached to emails. So we build beat tracking in GMass — where you can see who listens, how many times they listen, and for how long they listen.