Frequently Asked Questions

Husband Pillow

How much does the Husband Pillow weight?+
What are the Specific dimensions: Both with and without the neck roll pillow?+
How tall is the medium?+
How do I determine what size to get?+
Does the cover only come in suede?+
Is the microsuede cover removable?+
What is the difference between the Original Version Husband Pillow, the Aspen Edition and the Fabulous Faux Fur Line?+
Is the Husband Pillow freestanding or does it require something to lean on? (like a headboard or sofa back)+
I like to read in bed, but my headboard is very short. Will this pillow work with a short headboard?+
Can you recline at all using this for reading in bed, or are you forced to sit totally upright?+
How do I order a replacement cover for the Husband Pillow?+
How can I obtain extra foam for my pillow?+
Did anyone receive a metal piece with their Husband Pillow? It sort of looks like a whisk.+
What is the purpose of the small apparatus that came with the pillow that looks like a kitchen whisk?+
Included with my pillow was a metal implement that resembles (and may well be) a kitchen whisk. Am I missing something or is this just a freebie?+
Can the neck pillow be positioned for lumbar support while remaining attached? Are the elastic straps long enough for that?+
How is the neck roll attached?+
What is the difference between the fiber filled shell versus the memory foam filled shell?+
Is the Husband Pillow hypoallergenic?+
Does the material feel like one-way velvet? (Is it only smooth when it’s stroked in one direction?)+
Are there feathers, anywhere? I am allergic to down.+
Due to the smell I have put it in the dryer with 4 dryer sheets on no heat. Should I use heat? It still smells.+
Does it have to be assembled?+
How does the pillow come? Is it ready to use or rolled up?+
Does anyone know where to order an extra pillow for this? same make? my grandma needs one on top and bottom, and I can't find the same one.+
I suffer from chronic back pain; looking for a firm pillow to support my cervical & lumbar spine while seated in bed with my laptop. Will this work?+
Can I read product reviews from customers who have purchased the Husband Pillow, or leave a review of my own?+

Wife Pillow

Should I change the height of the pillow on the first sleep?+
How can this pillow work as a beauty pillow?+
Why is it called the Wife Pillow?+
How does the Wife Pillow keep my arms from going numb?+
Won't I just push the tunnels down onto my arms?+
Is the Wife Pillow for men or women?+
Do I need to select the Wife Pillow according to my height and shoulder width?+
Is this product patented?+
What does free extra oomph - Free stuffing - loft customization entail?+
Why do humans use pillows?+


How do I adjust my pillow?+
What does free extra oomph - Free stuffing - loft customization entail?+
How do I take care of my pillow?+
Do I need to wash my new pillow before using?+
How do I wash my pillow?+
Are your pillows available in-store?+
I noticed an odor upon unpacking my pillow. Is this normal?+
How do I get rid of the memory foam scent?+
Can I use an additional pillowcase?+
There are black / yellow pieces in my memory foam. What is this, and is it safe?+
Why is my pillow feeling firmer than usual?+
Do the pillows contain PBDEs?+
California residents - questions about Proposition 65?+
How do I wash my throw pillow set?+
Why isn't my discount code working?+
How do I redeem my VIP club discount?+
What is OEKO-TEX certification?+
What is CertiPUR-US certification?+
What is the warranty on pillows?+
How much does shipping cost, and how long does it take?+
How do I qualify for free shipping?+
I put in the wrong shipping address. What should I do?+
What is the return policy?+
My package went missing. What should I do?+
Does this have any certifications (certi-pur or Oeko-tex) certifying it’s free of harmful chemicals?+